Adam Thomas Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend?

Adam Thomas Shirtless, Underwear, Fiancee and Other Stuff. Today in men in long johns underwear, we bring you this photo of three hunky guys in their long johns. For those of you wondering, the dudes in this photo are (from left to right): Adam Thomas, Kelvin Fletcher, and James Thornton. The threesome star in the British soap opera Emmerdale and they stripped to their long johns to campaign for votes for the British Soap Awards. Did they win? We truly have no idea. Maybe some of you who do know can tell us in the comments.

celebrity long johns underwear

Adam is in the news these days because he is one of the celebrity participants on the reality show, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. As may be expected, he is wowing the ladies (and some gents) with his shower scenes which we screencapped below:

adam thomas shirtless shower scenes

Our favorite Adam Thomas shirtless shower pic.

adam thomas shirtless showers - im a celebrity

Is Adam Thomas Gay or Straight? He is straight. But his role on Emmerdale nearly kissed a dude. In this scene from the show, Aaron (played by Danny Miller) almost kisses Adam Barton (played by Adam Thomas). Watch what happens next.

In an interview with The Digital Spy, we find out that Adam would have no problem playing a gay man if the above roles were reversed.

Would you have been happy if it was your character rather than Darren’s struggling with his sexuality?: “I would have enjoyed playing it – it’s a great storyline to be involved in with the confusion and everything that’s going on – how he’s misunderstood – it would be a great process to go through. I know Danny’s enjoying doing it because it’s an emotional part to play, he’s a confused lad and loads of people go through it at our age so a lot of people will relate to it.”

Here’s a screencap from the above video:

adam thomas gay or straight - near gay kiss

Adam Thomas Relationship Status. Our celebrity hunk is engaged to be married. He proposed to long term girlfriend and baby mama Caroline Daly in June this year. Here’s a pic of the couple with their kid. Lovely family, no?

adam thomas girlfriend fiancee - Caroline Daly

Adam Thomas Underwear Photos. This section is for those of you looking for more Adam Thomas underwear photos. Apparently, our Adam loves him his boxer briefs.

adam thomas boxers or briefs

Let us end this post with this photo of our Emmerdale star wearing long hang pants.

adam thomas hot and sexy

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