Aaron Ekblad Shirtless: Young Aaron Family Photos + Girls

Aaron Ekblad Shirtless. Hey look, another Canadian sportsman has emerged as the #1 draft pick in a professional sports league. His name is Aaron Ekblad. He is from Windsor, Ontario. He’s only 18 years young. And he was chosen by the Florida Panthers as the #1 overall draft pick in the National Hockey League (NHL) Class of 2014. The other Canadian who achieved a similar feat in a different sport is Andrew Wiggins who was named as the #1 draft pick in this year’s National Basketball Association (NBA) draft.

aaron ekblad sexy hockey hunk

CBC reports on the moment Aaron was drafted:

Florida Panthers general manager Dale Tallon kept everyone guessing right up to his announcement to open Friday’s NHL draft.

“We proudly select, with the first pick overall of the 2014 NHL draft from the Ontario Hockey League,” Tallon told a feisty full house at Wells Fargo Arena.

And then he paused for dramatic effect. “Aaron Ekblad,” Tallon finally pronounced.

“I did not know,” said Ekblad, a normally unflappable 18-year-old defenceman from Belle River, Ont., seen as perhaps the most NHL-ready player in the draft pool. “I was freaking out there for a second when he stopped. It was breath-taking to say the least.”

Want to see some shirtless photos of your soon-to-be favorite professional hockey player? Here are some pics taken during the 2014 NHL Combine.

aaron ekblad shirtless - 2014 no 1 nhl draft pick2

Take two of Aaron without his shirt.

aaron ekblad body - scouting combine2

What exactly are they measuring here? An athlete’s wingspan?

aaron ekblad wingspan

A portrait of the Ekblad family (which we grabbed from Aaron’s Instagram account @aaronekblad5), taken when our hockey hunk was still a wee little boy.

aaron ekblad family - young boy - photocredit aaronekblad5 instagram

Aaron at the prom with a beautiful date named Lisa Hamilton. Did they went on continuing to date each other? Are they now in a relationship? If you know the answer do tell in the comments. Danke.

aaron ekblad prom - Prom with the beautiful Lisa Hamilton - instagram

Another pic grabbed from Aaron’s instagram.

aaron ekblad shirtless - instagram - 2014

With a girl who may be a) a friend, b) a relative, or c) a girlfriend. We are clueless on this one.

aaron ekblads girlfriend or not

May Aaron go on to have a distinguished career not only in professional hockey but also in international competitions representing Oh Canada! Want more Canadian hockey hunks? Check out these shirtless hockey players.

Photo credits: NHL and Aaron Ekblad’s instagram account (@aaronekblad5)