Jimmie Johnson Shirtless Photos of NASCAR Michael Jordan

Jimmie Johnson Shirtless. You’ve already seen a shirtless photo of NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson but we know you want MORE, MORE, MORE and we are happy to oblige. Here’s the six-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion with his shirt off. Pic courtesy of nascar.com.

jimmie johnson shirtless nascar driver - credit nascar

Wait, what? You are not sure if that’s really Jimmie because you are only seeing his back and can’t see his face? Fair enough. Okay, here’s our good-lookin’ Jimmie during a triathlon event he participated in a few years back.

jimmie johnson shirt off

Jimmie all wet and sexy hot in Spandex. Pic is from the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series. [Want more Shirtless NASCAR Drivers?]

jimmie johnson spandex suit - Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series

What do you mean you wanna see a photo of Jimmie swimming in a triathlon event and wearing a pair of briefs-style Speedo swimsuit? Sorry, ain’t gonna happen. But you’re not the only one who wishes to see him down to his Speedos or undies. In fact, the Jimmie superfans at teamjimmyjoe.com are photoshopping images of our NASCAR champ to come up with interesting sights like this one:


Jimmie in skimpy posing trunks, what’s not to like. For those who are wondering, the real “owner” of the body above is Italian actor, former champion bodybuilder, and World’s Strongest Man competitor Franco Columbu.

How hot is Jimmie Joe? Even a dirty version of him is way hotter than our boyfriend.

jimmie johnson dirty but hot

Jimmie with his loving family, wife Chandra and daughters Genevieve and Lydia.

jimmie johnson family - wife and kids

Jimmie’s got some movie star good looks. According to our friend Deena, he kinda resembles Mark Ruffalo, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., and British designer/director Tom Ford. Do you agree with Deena?

jimmie johnson movie star good looks

Jimmie, his family, and his team Hendrick Motorsports were at the White House recently where they meet President Barack Obama who compared Jimmie to Michael Jordan. From whitehouse.gov:

Now, everybody knows I’m a Chicago guy and usually when we do these sports events I make some crack about how the football is not as good as the ’85 Bears or the basketball team is not as good as the Bulls, but today I can’t really say anything because Jimmie Johnson is pretty much the Michael Jordan of NASCAR. (Laughter.) Like Mike, Jimmie has won six championships in eight years. He won a few titles, took a two-year break, decided, you know what, it’s not that interesting, and then got back to winning again. And now opposing drivers are saying things like, unfortunately, we’re driving during the Jimmie Johnson era. He’s the best there ever was.

AYE, AYE, AYE Mr. President.