Paul Newman Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Vintage Hollywood Pictures

Paul Newman Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Vintage Hollywood Pictures. We were a little surprised when we discovered that some of you Googlers are searching for “Paul Newman’s underwear” but we’re not really that surprised because, after all, the late actor is a gorgeous gorgeous man and is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars evah.

paul newman boxers and tank top shirts

So here’s a young Paul Newman looking awesome in his white boxers underwear. Let’s add him to our male celebrity underwear list, shall we? More pics of a shirtless Paul below.

From the movie, Cool Hand Luke.

paul newman underwear boxer shorts

Paul in beach shorts from the 1969 film, Winning.

In boxing shorts from the sports drama, Somebody Up There Loves Me.

As private investigator Lew Harper in the mystery crime drama, Harper.

Another sexy shirtless Paul Newman photo from Harper.

We don’t know where this pic is from but it’s an awesome shirtless photo of a young Paul Newman so let’s include it here, okay?

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Paul Newman, 83
28 September 2008

Two days ago Hollywood royalty Paul Newman, one of the most enduring names in the film industry, succumbed to lung cancer. May he rest in peace.

We here at Famewatcher offer our condolences to his family and friends. Apart from being a beautiful man inside and outside, Paul is a very good multi-awarded actor. He won an Academy Best Actor Award for his performance in The Color of Money. He also received acting trophies from the Golden Globes, BAFTA, Emmy, Screen Actors Guild, and other award-giving bodies.

We must admit though that we haven’t watched Paul Newman’s early movies but this is because we come from the younger generation. However we watched him, and fell in love with him, in Road to Perdition which was released a few years ago. He was great in the movie and so we hope to secure copies of his early films and watch them in the coming months.