Chord Overstreet Underwear: Briefs, Boxers, or Golden Shorts?

Chord Overstreet Underwear: Briefs, Boxers, or Golden Shorts? What is Chord Overstreet’s underwear preference? Is he a boxers guy or does he pick tight briefs over boxers? Unfortunately, in the absence of any photo evidence, we cannot say whether our Chord is into boxers or briefs. However, we do know that he looks good in tight short shorts as you can see in these photos from the recent Rocky Horror episode of Glee. Golden shorts and six pack abs, what’s not to like?

chord overstreet underwear tight short shorts on glee rocky horror episode

But it would have been cooler (or hotter) if Chord followed Peter Hinwood (in the movie original) and got himself a tight golden briefs underwear.

chord overstreet underwear

Want some Chord six pack washboard abs?

chord overstreet six pack washboard abs

Want more men in shorts? Check out David Beckham’s Adidas football shorts and male model David Gandy’s short shorts.

Chord Overstreet Underwear Update. We have more photos of the Glee star in his underwear. First, check him out showing off his yellow undies when he visited on the Ellen Degeneres Show. For those of you who can’t see it, his underwear reads, “Ellen’s got my tight end covered”. Our Chord sure has a tight end, no?

chord overstreet underwear on ellen

Chord in his boxers from an episode of Glee. His Gleemates are in their undies too.

chord overstreet underwear and shirtless photos

After high school, Chord’s character on Glee went to New York City to try modeling. Here he is posing in boxer briefs for an underwear photoshoot.

chord overstreet underwear model

We stopped following the show then so we do not know whether he became a successful male model or what. Maybe some of you Glee superfans can enlighten us in the comment section. Hehe.

chord overstreet underwear modeling shoot

Shall we end this post with a fabulous photo of a shirtless Chord wearing a pair of red board shorts. This is probably our favorite photo of the guy.

chord overstreet shirtless

Chord Overstreet Underwear: Briefs, Boxers, or Golden Shorts? Posted 19 November 2010. Last updated: April 19, 2020 at 6:16 am.