Yasen Atour Shirtless, Girlfriend, Style Watch

Yasen Atour Shirtless, Girlfriend, Style Watch. It’s Witcher Day here on Famewatcher so let’s continue blogging about the new cast members of the series, shall we? After Swiss cutie Basil Eidenbenz and our Scottish zaddy Graham McTavish, our next Witcher hunk is British actor Yasen Atour. Check him out looking dapper beside Henry Cavill on the red carpet.

Yasen Atour witcher with henry cavill

Is it us or did Yasen actually out-style Henry in the photo above? Maybe it looks better in person but from where we are sitting now, Henry’s striped suit is kinda clashing with his tie. It looks busy and disorganized compared to Yasen’s solid black and white classic tuxedo look.

Yasen Atour hot in suit

The Witcher may be Yasen’s most prominent acting project — by the way he plays Coen on the series — but he has starred in 18 other movies and TV shows. He is actually relatively new in the biz since his first acting gig was only in 2013 when he starred in a short movie called Reload. His other acting credits include the gem of a TV series Marcella (which you can watch on Netflix), the 2018 movie Robin Hood which was headlined by our imaginary beau Taron Egerton, the Netflix series Young Wallander, and a movie called When Screaming Starts which was released this year.

Yasen Atour actor when screaming starts2

Yasen looking cool as a policeman in Young Wallander which, by the way, is returning for a second season. What shenanigans will he and co-star Adam Palson, who plays the titular lead, be involved in this time around?

Yasen Atour young wallander uniform

Yasen Atour young wallander with Adam Pålsson

Yasen Atour Shirtless Photos. Thankfully, Young Wallander has a scene where Yasen and Adam go to the shower otherwise we will not have shirtless images for the thirsty Famewatchers among us.

Yasen Atour shirtless in young wallander3

Yasen Atour shirtless in young wallander2

Yasen Atour shirtless in young wallander

Yasen Atour Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? We have no information to answer these questions at this point but we will update this post when we do have the info. For the time being, check him out looking cool like an ANTM male model in the following photos below.

Yasen Atour haircut

Yasen Atour hot

Yasen Atour shirtless in tank top

Yasen Atour hot male model with brother ash atour2

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