Shirtless Houston Rocket Players: Harden, Howard, Omri, Omer, Smith

Shirtless Houston Rocket Players: Harden, Howard, Omri, Omer, Smith. Want more shirtless NBA Basketball Players? Of course you do! We didn’t even have to ask, right? So here are some shirtless players from our favorite team, the Houston Rockets. We’ll try to include everyone in the current roster but not all of them are, sadly, not into shirtlessness so please don’t blame us if your idol is not included here.

What you can do is to encourage your idol to take some shirtless photo and send it to us. Hehe. Anyhoo, let’s begin with a shirtless pic of Rockets team captain James Harden who appears to be enjoying himself in this party. Way to go, King James.

james harden shirtless - at a party with girl

The blogosphere/Twitterverse/FacebookWorld went, “Hey, Omer Asic is shirtless!” when this image flashed on the TV screen. Too bad we ain’t got a frontal shirtless pic of the Rockets center.

shirtless houston rockets - omer asik

Remember Rockets forward Omri Casspi? We blogged about him in a previous post but its nice to put his shirtless pic here again, right?

omri casspi shirtless

Same goes with our imaginary basketball boyfriend Chandler Parsons. We did a solo post for him (see: Chandler Parsons Shirtless) but let’s ogle at him again. Hehe.

chandler parsons shirtless houston rockets

Does seven-time NBA All Star Dwight Howard have the best shirtless photo among the current roster of the Houston Rockets. We think so. He’s got the best body too which is why he’s made magazine covers like this one.


He was also one of few athletes in all sports featured in one of ESPN Magazine’s The Body Issue.

dwight howard underwear - espn body issue

Niiiiccceeee, Dwight!

Dwight-Howard-Shirtless Houston Rockets basketball player

Hey look, it’s Jeremy Lin. Apparently he’s also a good fisherman.

jeremy lin shirtless fisherman

Looks like center/power forward Greg Smith has the next best body after Dwight Howard, no? He reportedly sent this selfie to a fan according to Media Take Out.

greg smith shirtless -houston rockets

Whew! We must admit that this post is more challenging than we thought it would be. We can’t find shirtless photos of Ronnie Brewer (shooting guard), Patrick Beverley (point guard), Aaron Brooks (point guard), Marcus Camby (forward/center), Isaiah Canaan (guard), Robert Covington (forward), Francisco García (shooting guard/small forward), Terrence Jones (forward), Donatas Motiejūnas (power forward/center), and Reggie Williams (small forward/shooting guard) but we will update this post once we come across any of their shirtless photos. Tschüss!