William Moseley Underwear, Shirtless Photos, Gay or Girlfriend?

William Moseley Underwear: Tommy Hilfiger Boxers. William Moseley, the cute English teen actor in the Chronicles of Narnia has grown up and is now posing in his underwear. William, it turns out, is a Tommy Hilfiger boxers guy. Oh, are we the only ones surprised that William got himself a really nice set of abs. Must have been working out, eh William? Good for you.

UPDATE: Our bad. Ugh! How clueless are we? Very with a capital V. As one of you commenters noted, that underwear-wearing dude in the first picture above is not William Moseley. Well, okay, the head’s is William’s but the body belongs to a model-turned-photographer named Cameron Frost. This is the original:

Although we’ve been fooled, we gotta take our hats off to whoever photoshopped the two images. Great job, whoever you are!


We expect to see more of William in the third Narnia movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader which is scheduled for release in December 2010. Too long a period to wait? Well you can always buy yourself a DVD of the two earlier Narnia movies.

william moseley shirtless

William Moseley Shirtless Photos. Now since we are on the subject of William Moseley’s underwear and since we failed to give you what you are looking for, we are afraid we have to settle for the next best thing which would be these photos of our British dude going shirtless. Clearly, he loves him his low-hang trousers, doesn’t he?

william moseley shirtless peekabo underwear

Who’s this other shirtless guy behind our William?

That’s it for now. We’ll update this post later if we come across real underwear pics from our Chronicles of Narnia star. Who knows maybe he’ll go the David Beckham route in the future and do some Armani underwear modeling on the side, no?


William Moseley Underwear and Shirtless Update. Here are screencaps from Will’s TV show The Royals which sometimes show him stripping off his shirt to show us his undies. In this instance, our hunky actor is wearing boxer shorts.

Our William’s now buffed, no?

william moseley shirtless the royals

William Moseley Gay or Straight? He is straight despite some attempts by superfans to pair him Chronicles of Narnia co-star Ben Barnes. Hehe.

william moseley gay for ben barnes

According to JustJared, William is dating actress Kellsey Asbille. Here’s a photo of the two during a red carpet event.

william moseley girlfriend Kelsey Asbille

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