David Alvarez Shirtless, Girlfriend, Tony Award

David Alvarez Shirtless, Girlfriend, Tony Award. Who’d have thunk that Steven Spielberg directs musicals too? Geeze, Mr. Steven, leave a genre for the others will you! We’re joking, of course! In fact, we are very glad that he made the new version of West Side Story because it introduced us to the hawtness of army veteran-turned-actor that is David Alvarez.

david alvarez west side story shooting

You see, our David is starring as Bernardo, aka the leader of the Latino gang, in the movie which currently boasts a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Almost everyone is raving about it so you, and yours truly of course, should go check it out when it opens on 10 December.

Now, is it us or does David kinda look like Indian actor Anupam Tripathi (you may know him as Ali in Squid Game). Seriously, they must be long lost cousin’s no?

david alvarez bernardo west side story

We mentioned above that David is a military veteran who became an actor but this is only actually half true. The full truth is that he is actually an actor who joined the military and who returned to acting. From his wikipedia page: “Alvarez left theater to serve in the US Army. Following a service of two and a half years with the 25th Infantry Division he returned to Broadway, becoming a swing in a 2015 production of On the Town.”

david alvarez broadway

Wikipedia adds that he then attended the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and, while studying, he auditioned for West Side Story and bagged the role of Bernardo which, if he plays his cards right, is likely to propel him upwards the celebrity ladder.

West Side Story is David’s biggest acting project but he also starred as a series regular in American Rust which you can watch on Showtime. To date, the actor has appeared in only a total of seven movies and TV shows but expect that number to rise considering that he is gaining attention for his role in West Side Story.

David Alvarez is a Tony Award Winner. On stage, David has starred in On The Town which we earlier mentioned and in the 2008 production of Billy Elliott. The latter earned him a Tony Award along with Kiril Kulish and Trent Kowalik — who also played Billy — making them the youngest actors to ever win a Tony.

david alvarez tony award David Alvarez, Kiril Kulish and Trent Kowalik accepted the award for best performance by a leading actor in a musical for “Billy Elliot, The Musical” at the 2009 Tony Awards

David Alvarez as a Hot Man in Uniform. Want more photos of our Latino hunk? Here you go, from top to bottom: David rocking his army uniform (which we grabbed from his Instagram @davidalvarez1111), David with an eager fan (hehe), and David attending the West Side Story premiere in a fabulous red attention-getting suit.

david alvarez army veteran

david alvarez with fan tom holland

david alvarez west side story premiere red carpet suit

David Alvarez Shirtless Photos. Now, for the thirsty hos among us, here are shirtless pics of the Cuban/Canadian/American actor for you to appreciate. Yay!

david alvarez shirtless in west side story

david alvarez hot guapo

david alvarez shirtless actor

David Alvarez Gay or Straight? Oh wait, we almost forgot to include this section on whether he has a girlfriend or boyfriend. Truth be told, we do not know the answer but, as we usually do, we will update this post once we have the information. Okay?

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