Bruce Stephenson Shirtless, Girlfriend, Roaring 20s Star

Bruce Stephenson Shirtless, Girlfriend, Roaring 20s Star. Aside from Kamari Bonds, another cast member of the Roaring Twenties reality show on Netflix is the fun-loving Bruce Stephenson. Admittedly, we do not know if he really is a fun-loving guy because we still have to watch the show — it will start streaming 10 December — but he is always smiling and happy on Instagram so it is pretty likely that he is indeed the party-lovin’ fun guy of the group. Anyhoo, you should go follow him on Instagram @thebruceislooze.

Bruce Stephenson hot hunk in roaring 20s

For those of you not familiar with the show we are talking about, here’s the synopsis from Netflix:

Roaring Twenties is the coming-of-age story of eight twenty-somethings who set out to find success in life and love in Austin, Texas while learning to navigate the ‘new normal’ of 2020’s America. Living together and leaning on each other, they experience the highs and lows that come with being an adult. After all, your twenties are a crazy, weird, and special time in your life, and you only get to live them once.

If you are like, “Hey, a group of young people living together? Hmmmm, does that not sound like The Real World?”, then we gotta agree with you because it does seem like this is the early 21st century version of the 1990s TV show. Anyhoo, here are more photos of Bruce which we grabbed from his Insta. Now, don’t you just love a man with big feet and ain’t shy about showing it?

bruce stephenson hot roaring 20s

bruce stephenson big feet large shoes

While we were looking at Bruce’s photos on Instagram we were like, “Now, that’s a very interesting hairstyle! What could be the story behind that?” However, on closer inspection, we noticed that he might actually have a scar on his head. What do you think? Props to him for owning his scar. It actually really goes well with his hair style and his overall look.

bruce stephenson scar or hairstyle

bruce stephenson haircut or scar

According to his bio, Bruce is from Greenville, South Carolina. He currently works in sales for his dad’s insurance company (or maybe the name of the insurance company is Dad’s Insurance Company).

More about our 23-year-old cutie from “Bruce’s winning smile makes hearts melt. He loves baseball and dreams of a career working with a professional sports team. It’s always a party when Bruce is around – he lives by the motto ‘LET’S GOOO!’ Bruce is hoping to find the girl of his dreams in Austin and start a serious relationship. He’s a good corn-fed, responsible guy who respects women and loves ice cream…maybe a little too much.”

Bruce Stephenson baseball pro

Bruce Stephenson graduate

Bruce Stephenson Shirtless Photos. You think we’ll do a post about a Netflix reality star without posting a shirtless photo? Not if we can find some on the interwebs! We hope to see more of his sculpted abs on the show!

Bruce Stephenson shirtless beach body

Bruce Stephenson shirtless

Bruce Stephenson Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? We have no information on this yet but we will update this post once we have the answers. We’re pretty sure they will be talking about questions like this on the show, no?

bruce stephenson roaring 20s

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