White Wash Jeans by Calvin Klein: Eva Mendes and Jamie Dornan Advert

White Wash Jeans For Men and Women by Calvin Klein. Whitewashed jeans from Calvin Klein from it’s Summer Spring 2010 collection. If you don’t know already, the ads feature the divine Eva Mendes (Did you see her in The Other Guys movie) and sexy Irish boy Jamie Dornan.

white wash jeans by calvin klein

You love these ads don’t you? To be sure, these two are sizzling under the sun.

These white wash jeans are oh-so-s*xy, no?

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More White Wash Jeans for Men by Calvin Klein. Here are more photos of Jamie Dornan from his Calvin Klein advertising photo shoot. We got all the angles covered. Here’s Jamie from the back:

white wash jeans for men calvin klein jamie dornan

Jamie from the front:

white wash jeans mens calvin klein jamie dornan

And, finally, Jamie a little bid sideways:

Want more Jamie and Eva Mendes modeling photos? Of course you do! These are still photoshoots for Calvin Klein but they are not necessarily advertising white wash jeans. Check ’em out:

jamie dornan eva mendes calvin klein jeans ads

Lucky girl, she is doing what every girl (and gay dude) wants to do with Irish hunk Jamie. You know, try to pull his clothes down.

jamie dornan eva mendes calvin klein jeans

Did Eva and Jamie ever hook up? What would their couple name be, you know, their version of Brangelina. EvJam, maybe? Nah that sounds like the jam you’d pick from a grocery store shelf. Hehe. Oh, wait, what about JaVa? It sounds nice, doesn’t it?

These two would make the most gorgeous of babies if they ever do it. Joke. Anyhoo, here’s our CK ad couple attending a Calvin Klein fashion show in New York.

White Wash Jeans For Men and Women by Calvin Klein Starring Eva Mendes and Jamie Dornan. Posted 23 September 2010. Updated 26 May 2017.