White Leather Jacket for Men & Women: Celebrities & Models

White Leather Jacket for Men. Looking for a white leather jacket? Check out this jacket from Dolce and Gabbana. The jacket looks pretty cool but, truth be told, we are more drawn to the handsome dude. Way to distract our attention to your product, Dolce and Gabbana.

white leather jacket for men

Anyhoo, want leather jackets in other colors? Check out these black leather jackets, these brown leather jackets, and last but not the least, these blue leather jackets.

Its fun to have different color choices these days but, to be honest, we think we are going to stick with the classic black color. We’re kind of traditional and conservative in our fashion choices.

Celebrities Wearing White Leather Jackets
06 April 2012

Who among your favorite male and female celebrities from tinseltown love them their white leather jackets? Let’s count them, shall we?

First among them would be football star/male fashionista Cristiano Ronaldo who was snapped by the papz wearing this leather jacket. Not bad, no? For more of this Portuguese athlete’s fashion style, check out our post on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rolex Daytona.

Next in our list is another male fashionista: the controversial Chris Brown. Remember the song Chris Brown Should Get His Ass Kicked.

Third in our group of white-leather-lovin’-celebrities is Ray J. aka William Ray Norwood Jr. He is a singer, songwriter, and record producer but he is most famous as Kim Kardashian’s f**k buddy. Funny how Kim K. is now more popular than this guy. Not that he has a reason to complain, no?

The fourth male celebrity in white leather jacket is Julian Casablancas of the indie rock band The Strokes.

Of course, famous men are not the only ones who love them their white leather jackets. We’re pretty sure a significant number of non-famous guys (like our friend Kevin for instance) also like to wear white leather. Likewise, famous women — such as Lady Gaga and Selma Blair — love them their white leather jackets too. Here’s the fashion icon that is Lady Gaga and her white leather jacket.

And here’s Selma Blair (who should be more famous than she currently is) with boyfriend designer Jason Bleick. [Image deleted.]

Looking for a runway model wearing white leather? Here’s one modeling a leather jacket for the ladies from the Alexander Wang collection. Don’t you just love the fox tail?

Lastly, here are some white motorcyle/racing leather jackets. Kevin loves, loves, loves them.

Note: Originally posted 13 January 2010. Updated 12 December 2016.