Vincent Regan Shirtless, Royals, and Garp in One Piece

Vincent Regan Young, Shirtless, Garp in One Piece. So, we just finished binging the live action version of One Piece on Netflix and, as someone not familiar with the manga and the anime series, we are very very impressed. Deena, who is a big fan of the manga as well as the anime, is also very giddy with happiness because, to use her words, “Netflix was able to translate the One Piece world into a ‘real live’ version.”

So, the showrunners of the series has done the impossible of impressing both the fans of the original like Deena and those who are coming in blind like yours truly. They also did a great job of casting the characters and one who made us say, “Whoa! That person looks familiar!” is Garp who, it turns out, is played by Vincent Regan. Our Welsh zaddy is truly a talented actor and we are happy that more fans are discovering him.

vincent regan garp in one piece

He was really great as Monkey D. Garp and we hope he continues to be on the show as it continues to tell the story of the Straw Hats in, hopefully, more seasons in the future.

Vincent Regan When He Was Younger. Here are screencaps from Vincent’s acting projects from the 90s and the aughts for those of you looking for his younger photos. From top to bottom, the pics are from The Point Men (2001), London’s Burning (1992), Ruth Rendell Mysteries where he plays a doctor (1992), Hard Men (1996), and Invasion Earth (1998).

vincent regan shirtless in the point men3

vincent regan shirtless in the point men2

vincent regan young in londons burning 1992-2

vincent regan young doctor 1992 ruth rendell2

vincent regan young doctor 1992 ruth rendell

vincent regan young 1992 ruth rendell mysteries

vincent regan hot in hard men

vincent regan young 1998 in invasion earth

Vincent Regan Shirtless, Royals, Gay, and 300 Transformation (24 April 2020). Famewatchers, it’s time for another blog entry focused on hot guys in their 40s. Our pick for today’s post is 49-year-old Welsh actor Vincent Regan who’s currently starring as King Simon on the new E series, The Royals. Here’s Vincent looking fabulous in his kingly regalia:

Vincent Regan - king simon - the royals

Our hot daddy has been acting since 1992 but his Famemeter exploded worldwide when he was cast in the 2009 blockbuster movie 300 where he played the role of Captain Artemis. Here’s Vincent as Captain Artemis looking hot with no shirt on:

Vincent Regan body transformation 300 captain

Vincent Regan Shirtless is Hawt. To get those washboard abs, Vincent and his co-stars underwent a tough workout regime which obviously paid off big time. Check out his eight-week transformation from a guy with love handles to a slim fit hunk with a to-die-for bod.

Vincent Regan - 300 workout transformation

In 2007 Vincent played the role of demolition worker Charlie Morgan, a married family man who shared a room with a younger co-worker played by Will Mellor.

Vincent Regan gay with willmellor - the street2

The younger man then initiated Charlie to expanding his options in bed which awakened the latter’s slumbering bisexuality.

Vincent Regan gay with willmellor - the street2x

Things got very complicated from there. Rather than me telling you all about it, you can actually watch this on Youtube; it is an episode (titled: Demolition) of the award-winning BBC One TV series, The Street. Here’s a clip from Demolition showing Charlie Morgan being harassed by his co-workers when they found out about his sexuality:

Is this the saddest movie/tv portrayal of a middle-aged gay/bisexual man who just discovered? We sure think so. If you can think of something else, do tell in the comments.

For those who are wondering, Vincent is straight in real life. Our friends at give him a gaydar rating of only 60% which means he is “quite straight in comparison to other celebrities”. Vincent is married to actress Amelia Curtis with whom he has two children; he has a third child from an earlier marriage.

vincent regan wife amelia curtis

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