Valentino Haute Couture Dresses: Jessica Alba and Amy Adams

Valentino Haute Couture Dresses: Jessica Alba and Amy Adams. Seems like Jessica Alba really loves her her Valentino haute couture dresses no? She’s been photographed wearing them at the Venice International Film Festival during the premiere of her Machete movie (you know, the movie which also stars the troubled actress that is Lindsay Lohan).

valentino haute couture dresses celebrity dress

Jessica Alba and her Valentino dress.

valentino haute couture dresses jessical alba style

She also wore a Valentino mini dress during a dinner honoring Quentin Tarantino at the Venice Film Festival.

valentino haute couture dresses red carpet jessica alba

Why does Jessica love her her Valentinos? Maybe because they are sexy and playful at the same time? Or maybe because they are classy but can also be flirty? Seriously, don’t you think that what Jessica is wearing to this Tarantino event is “flirty”? Heck, if the dress has eyes, we think it would be winking at Tarantino. If the dress is a person, it would be a perfect personification of flirtiness. [Oops, did we just say “personification”? What are we, pretentious scholars? Hehehe.]

valentino haute couture dresses jessica alba

By the by, which of Ms. Alba’s Valentino dresses do you like better? The black hybrid dress (we’re calling it a hybrid because it’s a maxi dress at the back and a mini at the front) or the second one? We’d go for the hybrid because it’s more interesting.

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Celebrity Valentino Dress: Amy Adams Fashion Style
07 February 2011

celebrities wearing valentino dress

Academy-nominated actress Amy Adams (Best Supporting Actress for The Fighter) looks fabulous in her Valentino dress during the Academy Awards nominations luncheon. What a classy elegant look, no? And them Ferragamo high heeled shoes are pretty cool too. But do you think her Ferragamo makes it to our list of best women’s shoes?

valentino haute couture dresses red carpet

Amy goes for a simple and understated Valentino dress. It may not be as attention grabbing as Jessica Alba’s maxi-mini (you know the dress we called a hybrid above) but Amy’s dress is very elegant.

valentino haute couture dresses amy adams

Valentino Haute Couture Dresses: Jessica Alba and Amy Adams. Posted 9 October 2010.