Ultimo Instant Body Fixer: Good or Bad? And a Review

Ultimo Instant Body Fixer Review: Is it Good or Bad? Hey look, guess who’s back doing some modeling gig? Yeah, it’s model and Dancing on Ice star Melinda Messenger. Did you know that she is the new face or spokesmodel for Ultimo. She follows in the footsteps of Mel B, Sarah Harding, Penny Lancaster, Gemma Atkinson and Rachel Hunter. Good choice, Ultimo. Check out Melinda and her Ultimo modeling pic. That’s awesome!

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Ultimo Instant Body Fixer: Right Curves For Women
10 January 2011

ultimo instant body fixer review2

Ultimo’s Instant Body Fixer apparently helps you show the right curves in your body. We’d rather that people work out and exercise if they want to get the right curves but if that’s too hard or impossible to do, well, this Instant Body Fixer could be the way to go, eh? After all, it promises to boost one’s boobs and flatten one’s tummy. And what’s not to like about that?

ultimo instant body fixer

Does Ultimo actually work? Is it good or bad? What are actual users saying about Ultimo Instant Body Fixer? First of all, let’s hear what the Ultimo creator — Michelle Mone — is saying about her product:

If you’re struggling with some extra inches after the festive season and want to look your best, this is the perfect investment.

An incredible body is all about proportion and the Ultimo Instant Body Fixer will give you just that, instantaneously.

Unlike a lot of bodies on the market, this product trims and sculpts your body to its optimal shape, whilst also delivering incredible cleavage to give the perfect hourglass shape.

Not only that, but it comes in two styles – backless and v-shaped plunge, so it can be worn invisibly under a variety of dress styles. It also offers two cleavage options thanks to the clever removable silicone pouches.

And what are reviewers saying about Ultimo Instant Body Fixer? We asked our cousin Dyna how it worked for her:

PW: So, did you Ultimo work?
Dyna: It worked for my sister. It didn’t work for me at all.
PW: What’s the diff, then?
Dyna: Maybe because I’m curvier than her. Thing is, if you’ve got the pounds, they’d just move from one place to the other. You know what I mean? Contouring does not really make the pounds disappear if you have lots of them.
PW: How did it work with younger sis then?
Dyna: I think it’s because she is not really, you know, fat. Sure she’s got some fats here and there but, you know, not everywhere. So this did work for her.

So that’s how our interview with Dyna went.

Again, we’d like to reiterate that products such as Ultimo should be good in making you look good. Surely, it will make you look slim and it will contour parts of your body putting them in their desired places. However, body shapers like Ultimo should not be viewed as a substitute for getting in shape. This is especially true if getting in shape means you will be healthier and more fit.

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