Ultimo Instant Body Fixer: Good or Bad? And a Review

ultimo instant body fixer - good or bad2

Ultimo Instant Body Fixer Review: Is it Good or Bad? Hey look, guess who’s back doing some modeling gig? Yeah, it’s model and Dancing on Ice star Melinda Messenger. Did you know that she is the new face or spokesmodel for Ultimo. She follows in the footsteps of Mel B, Sarah Harding, Penny Lancaster, Gemma Atkinson and Rachel Hunter. Good choice, Ultimo. Check out Melinda and her Ultimo modeling pic. That’s awesome!

Dr Rey Shapewear: Better Alternative to Surgery?

dr rey shapewear good or bad review

Dr Rey Shapewear: Better Alternative to Surgery? Who says you have to undergo plastic surgery to have a good looking body? Not Dr. Robert Rey of the E! Network’s Dr. 90210. And not fashion designer Bruno Schiavi. The two teamed up to create undergarments for women (called Dr Rey Shapewear) that would have the same visual effect as plastic surgery.

Anti Cellulite Leggings: Scala Bio Fir – Does It Work?

anti cellulite leggings by scala bio-fir

ANTI CELLULITE LEGGINGS: DOES SCALA BIO-FIR WORK? Is the Scalia Bio-Fir pants, which reportedly melts the cellulite of those who are wearing them, too good to be true? If it does melt one’s cellulite through infrared rays, what are the side effects – if any – of these infrared rays? Cancer, probably? We don’t know about you but this is either the greatest technological breakthrough in fashion or the greatest scam ever.