Tyler Davin Male Model Hunk of the Day

Tyler Davin Male Model Hunk of the Day. Tyler Davin, is a New York City-based American male model who caught our attention because he looks fabulous in his skimpy Calvin Klein briefs underwear. He is a sexy muscled hunk, isn’t he? But skimpy men’s underwear isn’t the only outfit that our gorgeous hunk can rock.

He also rocks his very short shorts! Isn’t he the sexiest male model in skimpy short pants, evah? Seriously, have you seen any model in short shorts looking so delectable as Tyler? Usually, short shorts look dated and silly but they don’t look like that at all on this muscled model.

Ahh Tyler, he’s oh-so-shaggable in his Rufskin swimsuit. Pardon us while we drool. Hehehe.

Wow. He’s in great shape, isn’t he? Them eight pack washboard abs are what our friend Deena would call “lickable”.

But enough with Tyler Davin’s skimpy briefs, and shorts, and swimsuits. There is more to this New Yorker than his very short outfits. For instance, did you know that he’s a nutritionist and a physical trainer? No wonder he is so buffed! Maybe he has a nutrition program and a workout program that he should share to the world so we’ll look great as he is?

How does he stay so fit? Davin revealed in one magazine interview that he stays fit by “eating healthy and doing the right balance of cardio and weight training five days a week.”

Who doesn’t want awesome muscles like these? Heck if our boyfriend looks as hot as Tyler in his wet tank top shirts, we will promise that we’ll never ever look at another man. Haha.

Tyler sure rocks his muscle shirt, doesn’t he?

tyler davin male model sexy tank top

Okay, those of you who are going, “Oh, hello! Can we have more of Tyler that doesn’t show him baring himself?”, will be glad to know that he still rocks even if he’s fully clothed. Here’s Tyler looking dapper in his suit.

tyler davin male model mens suit

Sorry, we can’t resist uploading this photo even if he’s baring some skin.

tyler davin male model suit

Okay, let’s end this post on this American muscle hunk with a photo of his magazine covershoot for Men’s Exercise Magazine.

Note: All of Tyler Davin’s underwear photos referred to in this blog post have been moved to our men’s underwear gallery. We apologize but you should check out said gallery. It’s hotter in there somehow. Hehehe. Here’s the link: Male Celebrity Underwear.

Tyler Davin Male Model Hunk of the Day. Posted 21 August 2009.