Francesco Totti Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo Photos

Francesco Totti Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo Photos. Hello shirtless Francesco Totti, nice tan you’ve got going there. But you should drop them shorts if you don’t want your bum to look pasty white which would really look odd compared to the rest of your nicely darkened body.

Francesco Totti shirtless

Those of you not football-watchers may be asking, who is this Francesco Totti? Well, we have the answer for you. He is an Italian footballer who is one of the best footballers ever. Really, he is that good a football player huh? Well, the great Pele himself included him in FIFA 100 which lists the 125 greatest living footballers. So if Pele thinks our Francesco is one of the greatest, who are we to question him.

Actually, Francesco Totti does have a lot of accomplishments in the world of football there is no doubt that he belongs in Pele’s List. Check out the awards he’s given: two-time Serie A Footballer of the Year, five-time Italian Footballer of the Year, Serie A Top Scorer, the European Golden Shoe, the Golden Foot, and too many to mention.

In fact, the nicknames given to Francesco – Il Bimbo d’Oro (The Golden Boy), Er Pupone (The Big Baby) and Il Gladiatore (The Gladiator) – do indicate his greatness, right?

Sure! But what about Er Pupone or The Big Baby? Why are they calling Totti that? And what does that say about his greatness? Hmm, well, we gotta admit that it really doesn’t say something about his greatness but The Golden Boy and The Gladiator do, right?

Francesco Totti topless

As to why they are calling him The Big Baby, maybe its because he sometimes acts like a baby or maybe its because he started his pro football career at the tender age of 16. Here’s an interneter’s guess on the origin of Er Pupone and why it’s used as a nickname for our Totti: “My wild guess is that nickname was appointed to him when he firstly make through in the the first squad. He was really young, and also still child looking, and a bit fat, more than now, actually.”

Sensible answer, no?

Francesco Totti shirtless body

Anyhoo, some of you are looking for Francesco Totti in his sexy Speedo so here it goes:

francisco totti shirtless

Apparently, David Beckham isn’t the only footballer who loves him his white Speedo swimtrunks.

francisco totti speedo

Another white swimtrunks photo of our Francesco.

francisco totti underwear

Aha, this last photo is for those of you who are looking for out Francesco “One of the Greatest Footballer Ever” Totti in his white underwear.

Francesco Totti Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo Photos. Posted 21 April 2009.