Tom Llamas Shirtless, Wife, Gay or Girlfriend?

Tom Llamas Shirtless, Wife, The Donald, and Other Stuff. You know you are doing your job as a journalist when powerful people get angry at you. This is the case with ABC News’ Tom Llamas who, by simply asking the right questions, has been a thorn on the side of Donald Trump.

Big props to the guy. We hope more journalists are like him and hold politicians accountable for what they say but guys like Tom are the exception rather than the rule. It’s a sad state of affairs but that’s the current media landscape.

tom llamas hot media hunks

Anyhoo, here’s Erik Wemple of the Washington Post on Tom and The Donald: “Rule of thumb — when Trump attacks reporters, consider it a sign that they’re doing their job. In the case of Llamas at Tuesday morning’s news conference, he pressed Trump on the enduring questions regarding his boast that a January fundraising event secured $6 million in donations to veterans’ groups. The event took place in Iowa on the same night that Trump absented himself from a Fox News debate.”

More from Wemple: “It’s apparent, though, that the campaign was upset over Llamas’s reporting that Trump was intent upon deporting all undocumented immigrants, whereas Trump in his tweet referenced ‘gang members & criminals.’ Also in August, Llamas confronted Trump in a news conference over his use of the term ‘anchor babies,’ which the reporter called ‘offensive’. Trump retorted, ‘You mean it’s not politically correct and yet everybody uses it?'”

Ehh, Donald. The only ones who use anchor babies are you and your ilk on the crazy right!

Anyhoo, because we are love, love, loving us our Tom Llamas, we decided to give him the awesome, fabulous, gorgeous sculpted, and hot body of William Levy. It’s for those of you looking for Tom Llamas shirtless photos which, unfortunately, do not exist so you have to settle for fake ones like these:

What’s up with the inconsistent skin tone? Let’s just say that his face got sunburned in this one. Hehe.

tom llamas shirtless - william levy body2bc

Awww. He’s praying like an angel. A hunky shaggable angel, that is.

tom llamas shirtless and sexy - william levy body

A Tom Llamas shirtless pic in his squarecut swimtrunks. Yay!

tom llamas underwear speedo hunk - william levy2

Our apologies if the images look weird. As we’ve mentioned before, we don’t have the skill to do ’em photoshop that young kids these days are doing with ease.

Tom Llamas Gay or Straight? He is straight and married to wife, Jennifer Llamas. Wifey is also a media industry who works as an executive producer for MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall.

tom llamas wife - jennifer llamas

Want more hot media hunks? By the way, we should mention that Tom has won several awards — including two Emmys (one for “Best Anchor” and another for “Best Hard News Story”)– as a journalist.

Tom Llamas 2020 Update. We still haven’t found any shirtless pic of our favorite broadcast journalist but he did share this feet photo on his Insta (follow him @tomllamasabc):

tom llamas abc shirtless body

Obviously, he is willing to indulge the foot fetishists among us but not those who’d like to see him remove his shirt. Haha.

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