Tom Hopper Gay or Straight?

Tom Hopper Gay or Straight? He is straight and very much married. He tied the knot with now-wife Laura Hopper (nee Higgins) in 2014. Here’s Tom and Laura cutting their wedding cake.

tom hopper wife - wedding2

A year later, in June 2015, the couple welcomed their first child — Freddie Douglas Hopper. Here’s a family portrait:

tom hopper baby wife laura higgins

Awww. How cute is Freddie?

Tom Hopper Gay Score Rating. For those of you wondering, here’s how our friends at scored our Tom:

Tom Hopper gaydar: According to 55 visitors Tom Hopper is 60% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Tom Hopper is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

Although he is straight, Tom is an ally and a supporter of the LGBT community. Want more Tom Hopper shirtless photos?

Let us end this update with these photos of Tom (as Sir Percival) and Eoin Macken (as Sir Gawaine). Tom kisses Eoin in one of the saddest scenes of BBC’s Merlin.

tom hopper gay or straight - gwaine and percival

And here’s Tom and Eoin in one of the happier scenes. Hehe.

tom hopper gay or straight - gwaine and percival5


Speedo Guy 2016. For our first Speedo guy in 2016, we went a little “vintage” with this photo of our imaginary boyfriend Tom Hopper. We loved him as Sir Percival in Merlin. And we are love, love, loving him as Billy Bones in Black Sails.

speedo guy 2016 - tom hopper

Oh, Sir Percival! We miss you so much.

speedo guy 2016 - tom hopper shirtless in merlin

A few months ago, Tom did a photoshoot for Muscle and Fitness magazine and we are stealing some of them photos because we want to ogle at him. Wouldn’t you? Hehe. Them lucky short shorts.

tom hopper black sails shorts2

Tom tells us more about workouts, training, and other stuff. Did you know he used to play rugby:

As a younger kid playing rugby, I was really skinny, so I started lifting weights to get bigger. I discovered I had to eat a lot of food, and my poor mother had to cook a lot of chicken. I went through a phase of trying to lift as much as I could like a rugby scrum—with zombies. Whoa! That thing is bloody brutal! I sweat just thinking about it.

tom hopper black sails workout

Who wouldn’t want to be carried by Tom like this, huh? Lucky sack!

tom hopper shirtless 2016

More about Tom’s workout:

It’s a legend, the 222, how bad it is. And I started training for it on the Airdyne. Eventually, when it came time to do it, I felt pretty comfortable, like I’d done enough training. First few minutes went okay, but at five minutes you just feel like you’re going to collapse and die. And I got to like seven minutes and something happened where I couldn’t see. I couldn’t feel what I was doing with my arms. And I just collapsed. So that was it. I went back and had lunch with my wife, and I was absolutely gutted. And she said, ‘It’s okay, just go and do it tomorrow.’ And I was like, ‘You don’t understand. This is what I’ve been preparing for with everything I’ve got, and it’s just too hard.’

Tom Hopper Gay or Straight posted 23 April 2016. Updated 9 March 2017.