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Tom Hopper Shirtless Magazine Cover Update. You think we’re done writing about our imaginary beau? Of course not! He is too pretty to ignore, that’s why! Sorry, Laura, we’re not trying to steal your hubby or anything. Hehe. We just make it a point to update this post to show our appreciation for his incomparable good looks and we blame the magazines for always featuring him and putting him on their cover pages! Hehe.

tom hopper shirtless in sweatpants4

tom hopper hot in beach shorts

tom hopper shirtless in sweatpants

Tom Hopper in Umbrella Academy: Our Imaginary Boyfriend’s Newest Gig is Fantastic (18 February 2019). Yay! Our imaginary boyfriend Tom Hopper has got himself a new gig as Number One/Luther in the new Netflix superhero series Umbrella Academy. We binged the show and love, love, love it. If you are a Tom Hopper fan like us here at Famewatcher, you should go watch it too.

But if you are too lazy to binge watch the show but want some shirtless Tom Hopper pics from it, then check out these images screencapped by our good friend Deena who made the effort of capturing them and sending it to us because she knows of our undying love for our Sir Percival (in Merlin). Of course, like some of you and yours truly, Deena is a fellow Tom Hopper Superfan. Anyhoo, these images are from the 4th episode of the show, Man in the Moon.

tom hopper umbrella academy shirtless
tom hopper umbrella academy shirtless

He really is a gorgeous guy, isn’t he? In fact, Deena calls him the prettiest boy in Hollywood which we are not sure we agree with — we think Zac Efron has that title nailed down — but we see her point.

tom hopper umbrella academy2

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Tom’s new Netflix show will make him more famous in the U.S. (and worldwide). You know, kind of like David Harbour whose popularity blew up when he starred in Stranger Things.

tom hopper umbrella academy3

Anyhoo, let’s end this post with some quotes about Umbrella Academy from our Tom about his newest role, shall we? If his shirtless photos above has not convinced you to go watch the show, we hope his description of the show will.

From his interview with Men’s Health Magazine: “Really, it’s about a dysfunctional family. Yes, these are superheroes, but first and foremost they’re siblings who have a lot of issues, and they’ve been brought up to do a single job, which is to be superheroes who save the world. Their father who adopted them all sort of abused their childhood—he didn’t give them one. Now as 30-year-olds, they have all these major issues because of it. Can these guys actually get it together to save the world?”

Our Tom saving the world? Why the hell would you not want to watch that?

Tom Hopper Gay or Straight (9 March 2017). He is straight and is very much married. He tied the knot with now-wife Laura Hopper (nee Higgins) three years ago in 2014. Here are photos of the couple during their wedding. Awww! Belated congratulations to you two!!!

tom hopper wife - wedding2

tom hopper wedding to wife laura

Two Knights Being Bromantic. Let us end this update with these photos of Tom (as Sir Percival) and Eoin Macken (as Sir Gawaine) getting intimate in Merlin. Aside from King Arthur’s death scene, this is probably one the saddest episodes on the show. Thankfully, Sir Percival and Sir Gwaine had happy times too, you know, like in the scene below. Hehe.

Tom Hopper Speedo and Workout Photos (23 April 2016). For our first Speedo guy in 2016, we went a little “vintage” with this photo of our imaginary boyfriend Tom Hopper. We loved him as Sir Percival in Merlin. And we are love, love, loving him as Billy Bones in Black Sails.

tom hopper speedo

Oh, Sir Percival! We miss you so much.

speedo guy - tom hopper shirtless in merlin

A few months ago, Tom did a photoshoot for Muscle and Fitness magazine and we are stealing some of them photos because we want to ogle at him. Wouldn’t you? Hehe. Them lucky short shorts.

tom hopper black sails shorts2

In his Muscle and Fitness profile, Tom tells us more about his workouts, training, and playing rugby: “As a younger kid playing rugby, I was really skinny, so I started lifting weights to get bigger. I discovered I had to eat a lot of food, and my poor mother had to cook a lot of chicken. I went through a phase of trying to lift as much as I could like a rugby scrum—with zombies. Whoa! That thing is bloody brutal! I sweat just thinking about it.”

tom hopper black sails workout

Who wouldn’t want to be carried by Tom like this, huh? Lucky sack!

tom hopper shirtless 2016

Tom Hopper Shirtless For Cosmo Magazine (2 February 2010). Because a lot of you are liking our posts about hot guys with no clothes, we decided to renew our blogging on Cosmo Magazine’s Everyman campaign. If you are familiar with this campaign, you would know that it seeks to promote public awareness for male cancer – testicular, prostate, penile cancers – and to encourage men to get themselves checked before it is too late.

tom hopper cosmo anti cancer campaign

Anyhoo, here’s cutie English actor Tom Hopper doing his bit to promote male cancer awareness. The guy’s only 25 years old so we expect to see more of him in the future. Watch out for him in his upcoming war movie, Grace and Danger. He’s also been cast in BBC’s Doctor Who, Series 5 which is coming very soon in Spring 2010. Finally, here’s the actor on the cover of Gay Times magazine with fellow Merlin stars Rupert Young (Sir Leon) and Eoin Macken (Sir Gwaine).

tom happer gay times

Oh, by the way, Tom also did a photoshoot with said magazine back in 2010 and here are photos and excerpts from his interview:

Is it strange having men tell you to get undressed or making you pose? Not really, my mate Joel, he’s an incredibly inappropriate gay guy, so I’m used to it and I kinda enjoy it, it’s quite funny that kind of humour.

And what does Joel tell you? All sorts of stuff, he’ll call me or text me saying ‘what you doing, c*ck master, come round and sort me out’, he called me anaconda for a while.

Shall I ask why? I wouldn’t bother. It’s a long story as the case may be.

I’ve got plenty of time. Is he going to like this shoot then? Joel? Oh, Joel will love it!

And all the other guys who are going to love it? Will they love it? I dunno. Joel might love it for different reasons. He’s my friend, so he might just laugh. He might love it for different reasons as well…

tom hopper underwear peekabo

So I guess you’re fine with gay fans… When Tormented came out it seemed to pop up occasionally with my management that ‘oh look, you’ve got a bit of a gay following’ and I was like ‘great, perfect’. I think gay fans are better than any kind of fan, than any demographic; a gay fan base is probably one of the most loyal, you don’t shut it away and I kind of embrace it, I have so many gay mates, so many, if they wanna look at me in this and read about me and whatever they wanna do then perfect, great.

tom hopper underwear calvin klein

Whatever they wanna do… Whatever they wanna do whilst reading yeah. Oh man, I don’t mind – I mean I did a Cosmo shoot last year, did you see the Cosmo shoot?

Oh yes.Well that was, that was a little bit more, you know, complicated than this, this is more fun, you can goof around in this, whereas that you stick a picture over my gentleman area…

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