Tim Tebow Workout Routine: Photos and Video

Tim Tebow Workout Photos – GQ Magazine. We’ve already done a post on football quarterback Tim Tebow, but he’s an interesting guy so here’s another post on┬áthe guy focusing on how he keeps himself in shape. Thankfully, he did a photoshoot for GQ Magazine which shows us how the football quarterback does his workout.

Tim Tebow Workout GQ Magazine

What barbell workout is he doing here? Looks like a deadlift or a barbell front raise but you can’t do either with that chain and stuff getting in the way of his motion.

Tim Tebow Workout barbell exercise

Hey look, our Tim is crunching his abs.

Tim Tebow Workout abs crunch

This is how you sculpt your biceps.

Tim Tebow Workout bicep curl

He is doing it all for the glory of God.

Tim Tebow Workout

Run, Tebow, run! Here comes Jane!

Tim Tebow Workout running exercise

Aww. It’s our Tebow with a smile. This is how you win over your critics, Tim!

Tim Tebow Workout dumb bell curl

So that, Famewatchers, is Tim Tebow’s workout routine. Want more American football jocks? Go check out our post on NFL Quarterbacks Underwear.

Tim Tebow Workout Video: Tim Talks About His Workout Routines. You are more into videos rather than photos? Well, you’re lucky because here are two videos of the Denver Broncos quarterback talking about his workouts during the off-season. The boy has bulked up more from the last time we blogged about him. The video also features trainer Kurt Hester.

Question: Which version of Tim “I Love Jesus More Than My Girlfriend” Tebow do you like better: the clean-shaven dude or the one with the facial hair you see in this video? We think he looks better without the facial hair. By the way, despite his bulky hugeness and his facial hair, ain’t some of his mannerisms what you would call “girly”? Check out the video. Tim’s workout focused on building his upper body strength.

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