Teen Boys in Skinny Jeans: Jonas Brothers Style Watch

Teen Boys in Skinny Jeans: Jonas Brothers Style Watch. The Jonas Brothers perform in their skinny jeans during KIIS-FM’s Wango Tango last year. Now, who looks better in skinny jeans, The Jonas Brothers or Zac Efron or Adam Gregory. We gotta say Adam Gregory. But we like Travis Hanson the best.

teen boys in skinny jeans

Joe is the cutest. Nick is the most talented. And the third guy is the oldest.

Anyhoo, in Jonas Brothers news, Kevin Jonas has reportedly picked his brothers as his best men for his upcoming wedding. Duh, no surprise there. These guys do practically everything together. So we’re more interested in knowing about who will design the bride’s wedding dress. Maybe a Vera Wang?

Want a closer look at a Jonas brother slim trousers? Check out this post update we wrote about Joe Jonas fashion style:

Joe Jonas Style Watch: Skinny Jeans and Fred Perry Foxx Twill Shoes
15 July 2010

Not a lot of men can pull off the skinny jeans look (bad example: Ryan Reynolds). His music career may not be as hot as the previous years, but Joe Jonas would be glad to know that he’s one of the lucky ones who can look good in skinny jeans.

Wondering about that logo in Joe’s shoes? He’s wearing a Fred Perry Foxx Twill Shoes so that is a Fred Perry logo.. Here’s a closer look.



Back in 2008, we wrote the following blog entry about the relative Power of the Jonas Brothers vis-a-vis another famous teen celebrity: Zac Efron. Who was more powerful then?

Forbes Celebrity 100: Jonas Brothers vs. Zac Efron
Jun 16, 2008

Can you believe it? The Jonas Brothers are among the most powerful celebrities according to Forbes Magazine. I’m surprised that they ranked higher than Zac Efron. Zac may look better in skinny pants but the Jonas trio outrank him when it comes to “celebrity power”. The brothers are the 89th most powerful in the entertainment world — for 2007 at least — while Zac Efron is number 92.

Jonas Brothers SOS
10 June 2008

Okay. Okay. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Jonas Brothers already. They are super famous in your kid’s world and if you have a daughter she might be infatuated with one of them Jonases. Here’s a video of the Jonas Brothers song SOS in case you are wondering what makes them tick. Very nice, boys!

The Jonas Brothers No Sex Pact
18 June 2008

Okay. Okay. Their music are bouncy and easy on the ear but don’t you find this no sex before marriage silly? Really, Jonas Brothers. Are you serious about that? Or maybe you’re just thinking of marrying at a young age, eh?

Kennedy Disses Disney and the Jonas Brothers’ Chastity Rings
18 July 2008

I’m with Kennedy on the chastity stuff. As I said earlier, I find the Jonas Brothers’ chastity rings to be silly and ridiculous. Also, if a boy doesn’t want to have sex before he gets married, what’s the point in broadcasting it to the world? To tell others that he’s a better, more morally superior human being?

Teen Boys in Skinny Jeans: Jonas Brothers Style Watch. Posted 22 September 2009.