Celebrity Green Cars: BMW, Prius, Hummer, Greenbird

Celebrity Green Cars: BMW, Prius, Hummer, Greenbird. Who among your favorite celebrities are driving cars that are environment-friendly? We decided to make a list of said celebs and the cars they are driving. We begin with actor Edward Norton who’s seen below with his green car.

celebrity green cars - edward norton

For those who are wondering, Edward’s car is a BMW Hydrogen 7 which was apparently given to him by BMW as part of its “Pioneer Program.

Bad Negative Effects of Video Computer Games to Kids?

BAD EFFECTS OF VIDEO COMPUTER GAMES. Earlier, we told you that video games can drive you batshit crazy so you should not overdo your video-game playing. However, researchers are now saying that playing video games have beneficial effects too. Really? Yes, according to researchers from the University of Rochester in New York, action video games help adults improve their “ability to notice subtle differences in shades of gray”.

Bad iPod: Negative Effects of iPod Listening

“We really don’t have a good explanation for why teens concerned about hearing loss risk actually play their music louder than others,” said doctoral candidate Cory Portnuff, of the University of Colorado.

“But we do know that teens who knew what the benefits were of listening at lower levels had less hearing loss risk, which is why we believe targeted education is the key.”

Broken down to gender and age groups, “the study found teenage boys generally listened to their personal MP3 players at a higher volume than girls. Teens played their music louder than young adults did, and teens may inaccurately perceive how loudly they were playing their music.”