James Bond Aston Martin DB5: Celebrity Vintage Car

James Bond Aston Martin Car “Double” Sold for Millions. Wowza. You really can fetch a lot of money holding on to your vintage cars especially if it is identified with James Bond. Recently, an Aston Martin DB5 Thunderball “double”, i.e., it’s not the car filmed in the movie but an almost exact replica used for promotion, has been auctioned off in August this year to the tune of $6.4m (£5.2m).

james bond aston martin vintage car most expensive

The car, which was once owned by billionaire Anthony Bamford, was auctioned in California and is, to date, considered as the most expensive DB5 car. Want more celebrity cars? Go check out David Beckham’s Bentley Bentayga.

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David Beckham Bentley Bentayga: Celebrity Cars

David Beckham Bentley Bentayga: Celebrity Cars Update. We are updating this post to add a not so fun fact about David and his Bentley. In May this year, the football icon was given a six-month driving ban for using his phone while driving his Bentley Bentayga. He was also ordered to pay a fine of £750 and was given six points on his driving license. Not cool, David, not cool!

david beckham bentley bentayga

This isn’t the first time Beckham and his Bentley ran afoul of traffic laws. In August 2018, he was charged with overspeeding specifically, driving at 59mph on the A40 at Paddington in west London which is a 40mph zone. He escaped prosecution on a technicality as his lawyer argued that the football star’s speeding notice arrived one day late.

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Celebrity Cars: Famous Men and Women and Their Choice of Cars

Celebrity Cars. If you are looking for famous celebrity cars, well, you came to the right place because we made a list of famous people and their cars.

Specifically, this list includes the likes of Gerard Butler, David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, Hugh Grant, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and the cars they drive. Which of these pretty cool vehicles is your favorite?

Gerard Butler. Anyhoo, let’s begin our list of celebrity cars with the kilt-wearing Scottish actor Gerard Butler and his BMW Convertible.

celebrity cars gerard butler scottish actor bmw convertible

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Celebrity Green Cars: BMW, Prius, Hummer, Greenbird

Celebrity Green Cars: BMW, Prius, Hummer, Greenbird. Who among your favorite celebrities are driving cars that are environment-friendly? We decided to make a list of said celebs and the cars they are driving. We begin with actor Edward Norton who’s seen below with his green car.

celebrity green cars - edward norton

For those who are wondering, Edward’s car is a BMW Hydrogen 7 which was apparently given to him by BMW as part of its “Pioneer Program.

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