Swedish Mens Fashion: Acne Leather Jacket, Long Coat, and Suits for Men

Swedish Mens Fashion: Acne Leather Jacket. Acne (short for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions) is a Swedish company which offers a fashion line with an array of outfits that include the following: Stylish leather jacket and short shorts.

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Long coats for those of you who’d like to do a Neo in The Matrix.

And, last but not the least, sexy suits for men.

In case you are wondering, the model is Peter Bruder of Germany. For more Acne fashion, check out the following: Kylie Minogue’s Acne leggings and Freddie Stroma’s Acne underwear.


Boomerang Winter Jackets for Men: Oscar Spendrup, Swedish Male Model
04 December 2010

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Let’s continue featuring new fashion labels and this time, here’s a label from Sweden called Boomerang. One would think that this would be an Australian label given its name but its apparently from The Land of the Midnight Sun. Photos are from Boomerang’s Fall/Winter 2010 menswear collection featuring Swedish male model Oscar Spendrup.

swedish winter fashion for men

swedish mens jeans by boomerang

For more Swedish menswear labels, check out these Ljung winter jackets for men, this J Lindeberg jeans on Robert Pattinson, and Bjorn Borg’s underwear collection.


Lagom Jackets for Men: Linus Gustin, Male Model
02 January 2011

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Want more Swedish winter jackets? Well, check out these Lagom jackets from the Lagom Fall Winter 2010-2011 collection. Lagom, for those of you not familiar with the name, is a Swedish fashion label established in 2005.


In case you are wondering, the model dude in these photos is Swedish male model Linus Gustin.


Swedish Men’s Shoe Brand: Vagabond Shoes on Oscar Spendrup
08 January 2011

swedish mens shoes - vagabond

Ever tried a pair of Swedish shoes? You might want to check out this shoes on cutie Swedish male model Oscar Spendrup. It’s from the Fall/Winter 2010 2011 men’s shoes collection of Vagabond, a Swedish shoe company founded in the 1960s.

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