St George Illawarra Dragons: Speedo, Underwear and Shirtless Photos

St. George Illawarra Dragons: Speedo, Underwear and Shirtless Photos. We mentioned earlier that Aussiebum Underwear has a sponsorship deal with the Manly Sea Eagles [see Manly Sea Eagles Speedo and Underwear Photos]. Well, it turns out that Aussiebum isn’t the only underpants company that has invaded the rugby world. Mummy’s Boy Underwear is playing the game too and, in fact, has “dressed up” several rugby players from various clubs with its colorful underoos.

Chase Stanley mummys boy underwear - st george

Members of the current St. George Illawarra Dragons squad who were spotted in Mummys Boys include Chase Stanley (first photo above) and Tyson Frizell (next pic below).

Tyson Frizell underwear - st george

Oh wait, Daniel Vidot apparently also loves him his Mummys Boys boxer shorts.

Daniel Vidot from the St George Illawarra Dragons - mummys boy underwear

From our Mummys Boys-wearing trio, let’s check out the other members of the Dragons and their choices when it comes to their underoos. Here’s the gorgeous Matt Cooper wearing a mostly-covered Van Heusen underwear.

matt cooper underwear by van heusen

A wet Matt in the skimpiest of Speedo swimsuits we’ve ever seen. Okay, we’re actually not seeing the whole of it but the cut suggests his suit is skimpy. Hehe.

matt cooper speedo - st george

What is Cameron King doing with all them underwear? Is he trying to be a scarecrow or something? Do you know the brand of underwear he’s wearing? Reads like Rendz to us but we are not 100% sure.

cameron king underwear - rendz briefs - st george

A cool photo of Trent Merrin wearing a pair of red Dragons swimsuit.

trent merrin speedo - st george dragons

The St. George Dragons during a recovery session training in Cairns. Who are the Speedo-clad guys? That’s Jason Nightingale and Jack DeBelin.

st george illawarra dragons - shirtless rugby players - jason nightingale and Jack DeBelin in speedo suits

Are you wondering what Trent Merrin looks like? Sure we see his pic above but that’s the back part of him. Here’s our Trent with Brett Morris. The two also play for the New South Wales Blues rugby team and this photo was taken during a Blues training in Sydney.

shirtless Brett Morris and Trent Merrin - training session

Look who’s got some badass tattoos? It’s Josh Dugan who joined the Dragons this year.

shirtless josh dugan - tattoos

Let’s end our post with this shirtless photo of the 21-year-old Harry Siejka.

shirtless Harry siejka from twitter

Who’s got the best underwear or Speedo photos among the Saints? Tell us your pick in the comments section.

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