Skinny Jeans for Men 2015: It’s Now Ex-Girlfriend Jeans, Baby!

Did you know that skinny jeans for men is now apparently called ex-girlfriend jeans? Why oh why would they call it that? Our beau would be too embarrassed to go to the store and tell the clerk that he’s buying “ex-girlfriend jeans”.

are skinny jeans still in style - dsquared-fw-2012-22

Did you also know that, according to the Daily Mail, skinny jeans for men are getting skinnier by the day because guys are opting to buy jean stylecuts that are similar to their girlfriends’. This is clearly another sign of the mainstreaming of metrosexual fashion, no? From the Mail:

High street brands such as Topshop and H&M have seen online sales of women’s jeans to men rise by a third as guys buy ever-skinnier denims. While tight jeans have been part of the hipster uniform for a few years, a new sales spike indicates that men feel that the usual men’s skinny cut just isn’t tight enough.

So guys want really tight jeans, eh? Are they not afraid of squashing their jewels? Didn’t we read somewhere that too-tight pants are bad for men’s sperm count?

harry styles skinny jeans

We’d be worried if we are Harry Styles girlfriend and would want to have a child with him in the future.

As to why men are buying skinnier skinny jeans, the Mail quotes a certain Jacques Chinnery who explains why he now shops in the ladies department for his denim trousers:

The look is slimmer and tighter than the men’s version. They are skin-tight at the ankle, calf and thigh and there’s actually more room at the front that some of the men’s jeans, so they are pretty comfortable.

I wear them because I think they look better on than the mens’ styles in the high street. Some of the men’s designer jeans brands have the super-skinny look but I can’t always afford to buy designer ones, and no one can tell the difference anyway.

If I hadn’t told you that these are girls’ jeans you wouldn’t know, it’s not like they’ve got pink stitching or flowers on them.

Good for you, Mr. Chinnery, for finding an outfit that suits your fashion taste!

In another skinny jeans news, did you know that the FBI recently arrested a skinny jeans bandit who “operated” in the midwest? When we first heard the news, we thought the guy loves skinny jeans so much he goes about stealing them. However, further reading made us realize that the guy does not steal skinny jeans but actually wears a pair when he goes about robbing banks.

From the Chicago Sun Times:

With his tight jeans and his trademark preppy look, the “Skinny Jeans Bandit” kept making a clean-cut getaway. But the serial bank robber’s stylish crime spree has finally come to an end, according to the FBI.

Now Eric Shepherd is wearing loose-fitting Bureau of Prison scrubs.

The 30-year-old Yorkville man was turned in by a relative and a former co-worker who recognized him from security camera footage released to the media earlier this month, according to a federal complaint filed Monday.

Dubbed the “Skinny Jeans Bandit” by the FBI because of his slim pants, fashionable knitwear and glasses, he was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with the Nov. 21 heist of a BMO Harris Bank in west suburban Carol Stream.

Well, we certainly don’t approve of his means of making money but we won’t fault a man for being fashionable. Hehe.