Shaun Malone Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Football Coach

Shaun Malone Shirtless Photos. Which Gogglebox brother do you like better? Who will you bring home to mama? Your Famewatchers are divided. Shaun or Tom Malone? Deena says she likes Tom more because he’s got sculpted abs and because he’s got the moves being a breakdancer and all.

shaun malone shirtless photo

On the other hand, yours truly and Kevin picked Shaun because he seems like the boyfriend that would not forget to buy you flowers on Valentines Day. Oh, he’s got the moves too because he plays football. Anyhoo, we’ve already done a post on Tom (see link above), so here’s a post featuring the older brother. [He’s older than Tom, right? Shaun is currently 21 years old. We don’t know Tom’s age.]

For those of you looking for Shaun Malone shirtless pics. Here’s our Gogglebox star horsing around with his pals.

shaun malone shirtless gogglebox star

Are they trying to make an Egyptian mummy out of our Shaun?

shaun malone shirtless smoking body

Shaun Malone Gay or Girlfriend? We do not know. But we are gonna default to saying that he is straight because that’s what Kevin (aka The Statistician) is telling us. At any rate, here are pics of Shaun with some girls one of which may be his girlfriend. Hehe.

shaun malone girlfriend or gay

Who is your girlfriend Shaun?

Shaun Malone Football Coach. You are mistaken if you think all our Shaun does is make commentaries about TV shows on Gogglebox. Like his brother Tom, he’s got a life outside of reality TV. In fact, according to, “plays for Manchester United’s mixed ability squad and coaches football”.

Here’s our Shaun looking sexy, hot, gorgeous, and totally shaggable in his football kit.

shaun malone hot football kit

Shaun as a football coach is such a turn-on, ain’t he? Haha. Anyhoo, we will leave you with our “favoritest” Shaun Malone photo which we grabbed from his Instagram account. What a cutie!

shaun malone football player and coach

You might want to follow him at @shaunmalone95. That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers.