Sexy Mens Leather Jacket: Matt Lanter in Nehru Collared Jacket

Sexy Mens Leather Jacket. Is this the sexiest leather jacket or what? Honestly, we never thought putting a Nehru collar on a leather jacket will look pretty coll. Sure, the look is enhanced by the cutie that is Matt Lanter but we think this style will look great on anyone. [Related: Nehru Jacket Style Guide.]

sexy mens leather jacket - matt lanter

At any rate, it is sexier-looking than Tom Welling’s leather jacket. Sorry Tom, we love you but we’re not digging your leather outfit.

Speaking of sexy mens leather jacket, here’s 1990s hunk Jared Leto looking cool in what looks like a pre-aged leather jacket.

sexy mens leather jacket - jared leto

Whatever happened to this guy? He was the next big thing in Hollywood but he suddenly disappeared. His latest project according to IMDB is a movie called Mr. Nobody. We hope he doesn’t turn into a Mr. Nobody in real life because he’s a pretty talented actor.

Want another sexy guy in leather? Well, well, well let’s check out John Mayer. Sure some of you may not think he’s sexy but we think he is. But we do have a thing for singer dudes so maybe that’s why we find him sexy despite Deena’s general dislike of him.

sexy mens leather jacket - john mayer

Now, there is no question that American football wide receiver Terrell Owens is one hell of a sexy hunky He-Man guy but going shirtless in your leather jacket is not cool at all. In fact, we agree with our friend Deena that it is actually unsexy and that it could be a turn-off to the ladies.

hot guys wearing leather jacket

Okay, so those are your sexy male celebrities in their leather jacket. Let’s now check out some fabulous leather jackets from your favorite fashion designers. Tell us which of these jackets is the sexiest of them all.

First, here’s a pretty fab brown leather by Chinese-American fashion designer Richard Chai.

richard chai sexy mens leather jacket

Then, here’s a bomber leather jacket from the Ralph Lauren leatherwear collection.

ralph lauren leather jacket

What about some black Armani leather jackets? Does this pic remind you of them leather-clad guys in Lady Gaga’s Alejandro. Well, its because them guys were also dressed by Armani.

sexy mens leather jacket by armani

From Richard Chai to Ralph Lauren to Armani, let’s now check out this sexy mens leather jacket from the collection of Italian designer Roberto Cavalli.

hot leather jacket for men - roberto cavalli

And last but not the least, here’s our favorite sexy mens leather jacket of them all, a Louis Vuitton.

sexy leather jacket for men

Why is this our favorite, you ask? Because it’s damn fuckin’ reversible. It’s leather on one side and cashmere on the other. So if you’re kinda tired of wearing leather, you simply reverse your outfit and effin damn, you’ve got a cashmere jacket. Well played, Louis Vuitton, well played.

Sexy Mens Leather Jacket published 9 October 2009. Updated 20 February 2017.