Nehru Jacket Style Guide: How To Wear A Nehru Jacket?

Nehru Jacket Style Guide: Celebrity Fashion. Why is Hollywood too slow to embrace the Nehru jacket? It’s chic! It’s stylish! It emphasizes a manly man’s manly qualities. And yet we can count Hollywood celebrities and characters who wore the Nehru jacket with our hands.

You know what, we blame James Bond for this state of affairs. Before the James Bond producers dressed up their villains with Nehru jackets, famous celebrities like the Beatles, George Hamilton, and Sammy Davis Jr. were wearing Nehru jackets. After Nehru-jacket-wearing villains on James Bond became a thing, we no longer see any Hollywood celebrities wearing Nehru jackets. This despite the fact that it is really a cool and chic jacket that looks pretty good on men.

Did you know that Time Magazine named it among its Top Ten Political Fashion Statements? It had this to say about this fab outfit: “…the Nehru jacket is a descendant of the northern Indian achkan, a closed-neck, coatlike garment usually considered court dress for Indian nobility. Indeed, it was when the jacket was marketed to Western audiences that it took the “Nehru” title, the charismatic Prime Minister having popularized its style in public appearances during his tenure in government. Nehru wasn’t the only prominent figure associated with it; the minimalist aesthetic of the jacket inspired the likes of the Beatles (who wore the style at their Shea Stadium performance) as well as Sammy Davis Jr., who claimed to own more than 200 of the jackets.”

Anyhoo, how do you wear a Nehru jacket? What combination is the best style for a man who wants to rock his Nehru? Well, as we mentioned before, you learn to look fashionable by copying how celebrities are doing it. So check out the following celebrities’ Nehru jacket style.

Sean Connery James Bond Nehru Jacket. Although we criticize the James Bond franchise for associating the Nehru jacket with villains and evil people, we also gotta give it props for dressing Sean Connery in this fabulous Nehru jacket. Want more Sean Connery: Check out our post on Sean Connery Underwear.

nehru jacket style guide - james bond nehru jacket - sean connery joseph wiseman and ursula andress

The Beatles. What do you think of the British mophead’s Nehru jacket style. Pretty cool, huh?

nehru jacket style as seen on celebs - the beatles2

George Hamilton wore a Nehru jacket during an appearance at the Ed Sullivan show.

nehru jacket style combination - george hamilton at ed sullivan show2

Sammy Davis Jr. loves him his Nehru suit so much he became a celebrity spokesmodel for a brand that makes them.

nehru jacket style combination - sammy davis jr2

Now on to the Bond villains.

Louis Jourdan as Kamal Khan.

best nehru jackets - louis jourdan as kamal khan32

Joseph Wiseman as Dr. Joseph No in James Bond: Dr. No.

best nehru jackets in hollywood - Joseph Wiseman as dr joseph no in james bond dr no2

Christoph Waltz as Hans Oberhauser in the upcoming installment of the spy franchise, James Bond Spectre.

best nehru jackets in hollywood - Christoph Waltz - Hans Oberhauser in james bond spectre22

Thankfully, despite the Hollywood snub of the Nehru jacket, Bollywood stars continue to fully embrace this stylish jacket. See how sexy these guys look.

Saif Ali Khan on the cover of a magazine.

best nehru jackets on bollywood stars - Saif Ali Khan2

Male models look great in their Nehru jackets.

best mens nehru jackets - male models on runway2

And last but not the least, here’s Shahid Kapoor in his Nehru outfit.

best nehru jackets wedding - Shahid Kapoor2

So did any of the above celebrity Nehru jacket style catch your fancy?

Nehru Jacket Style Guide: Celebrity Fashion posted 4 December 2015. Updated 17 February 2017.