Best Mens Swimwear: Jammer Swimsuit or Skimpy Speedo?

Best Mens Swimwear: Speedos vs Jammer Swimsuit? What is the best swimwear for men? Well, if you believe our friend Kevin, the jammer swimsuit which you see the guy wearing below is the best thing that happened to men’s swimwear in recent years.

He says that, unlike skimpy or briefs-style Speedos, jammer swimsuits are not “too revealing” so easily offended Americans are not “scandalized”? He also adds that these jammers are better than swim shorts because the latter tend to drag and make swimming more difficult.

best mens swimwear - speedo or jammer swimsuit

Now, unlike Kevin, yours truly believe that nothing beats briefs-style Speedos when it comes to the best mens swimwear. We say this, however, from the point of view of onlookers. Hehe. Seriously, isn’t your man more “hubba hubba” when you see him rocking his Speedo swimbriefs rather than some silly jammers?

What’s your take, fellow Famewatchers, would you consider Speedo swimsuits as the best mens swimwear or are you gonna give the title to jammer swimsuits. To help you decide and, as our way of bribing you to side with us, check out these Men in Speedo.

Best Mens Swimwear Update. Kevin argues that men in jammer swimsuits look “hubba hubba” too. As proof, he forwarded the following photos of American Olympic swimmers who sizzled in their Nike jammer swimsuits.

Aaron Peirsol: California stud Aaron Peirsol boasts of five gold medals from the Olympic Games three of which are in individual events (100 meter backstroke in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics and 200 meter backstroke in the 2004 Olympics) while the other two gold medals are from team/medley events (4×100 medley) in both the 2008 Athens and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

aaron peirsol nike jammer swimsuit

best mens swimwear 2017 - jammer swimsuit - aaron peirsol

Brendan Hansen: Brendan is a breaststroke specialist who set two world swimming records for the 100 meters breaststroke and the 200 meters breaststroke which were subsequently broken by Japanese swimmer Kosuke Kitajima. Aside from his world records, Brendan can also boast about his two Olympic gold medals (for the 4×100 medley) which he bagged in the Athens 2004 Games as well as in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

best mens swimwear brendan hansen

brendan hansen olympic hunk

Cullen Jones: Like Aaron and Brendan, Cullen was a member of the U.S. national swimming team to the Beijing Olympic Games. He brought home one gold medal from the 4×100 freestyle event. Read the post we wrote earlier about Cullen Jones.

best mens swimwear by nike

Jason Lezak: California boy Jason Lezak is a freestyle swimmer who has bagged a total of four Olympic gold medals from the 2000 Sydney Olympics to the 2008 Beijing edition of the Games. Three of said gold medals are from the 4×100 meters medley (Sydney, Athens, and Beijing Olympics) while the fourth gold is from the 4×100 freestyle event (Beijing Games).

jason lezak hot swimmer

By the way, it is worth noting that with the company’s permission, some Nike-sponsored swimmers ditched their Nike swimsuits during the 2008 Beijing Olympics in favor of the controversial technologically enhanced Speedo LZR swimsuit. Thank heavens the LZR is banned by FINA. The swimming group shouldn’t have approved it in the first place.

Anyhoo, since we are on the subject of Nike swimwear, check out these gorgeous hunks rocking their briefs-style Nike trunks.

Which do you prefer, a blue swimsuit for men?

best mens swimwear nike trunks

Or a sexy red swimtrunks?

nike speedo swimsuit

Update: Sadly, Nike has decided to discontinue its swimwear line. The apparel brand has reportedly decided to focus its resources on the other sports apparels where it is the major player. You know, the likes of shoes and sports shirts and others.

Best Mens Swimwear: Jammer Swimsuit vs. Speedos was originally posted on 23 June 2010. Updated on 19 February 2017.