Sandra Bullock Fashion Style: Tight Jeans, Sunglasses, Ferretti Maxi Dress

Sandra Bullock Fashion Style: Tight Jeans, Sunglasses, Ferretti Maxi Dress. Who says only guys like Taylor Lautner and Chris Hemsworth can rock the V neck shirt? Not Hollywood’s highest paid actress and star of the hit movie The Proposal, Sandra Bullock. Sandra wore her white V neck shirt during a visit to New Orleans where she helped fund an on-campus health clinic at the Warren Easton Charter High School.

sandra bullock fashion style

We give props to the girl for knowing how to share her blessings. Check out more of Sandra’s “ordinary” fashion style below. Our friend Deena is loving Sandy’s tight jeans.

sandra bullock fashion style

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Sandra Bullock’s Face a Face Ylang Sunglasses

sandra bullock fashion style sunglasses

Want more female celebrity eyewear? Well, well, well, then let’s check out Sandra Bullock’s fabulous Face a Face Ylang 1 Sunglasses. The glass is as fabulous as the girl wearing it and the woman beside her.

Ahh Betty White, we love you so! We hope Betty continues to bring smiles to our lives for years and years to come.

sandra bullock fashion style ylang

Want more sunglasses for girls?


Maxi Dress: Sandra Bullock in Alberta Ferretti Dress (12 February 2010). Oscar Best Actress front-runner Sandra Bullock’s maxi dress reminds us of Jennifer Lopez’s dress. Both are kind of meh, to be honest but Jennifer earns points because her psychedelic dress falls in the “so-bad-it’s-good” category which makes her dress more interesting.

sandra bullock fashion style

We hope Sandra picks a better dress at the Oscar Awards especially because she is fast emerging as the favorite Best Actress for her role in The Blindside.

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Sandra Bullock Fashion Style: Tight Jeans, Sunglasses, Ferretti Maxi Dress. Posted 26 August 2010.