Roberto Cavalli Mens Underwear vs. Just Cavalli Mens Underwear

Roberto Cavalli Mens Underwear vs. Just Cavalli Mens Underwear. Male Famewatchers, have you ever tried any Cavalli underwear? Are they good or they’re just like any underwear that’s available out there?

For those of you wondering about the difference between Roberto Cavalli vs. Just Cavalli menswear, here’s the answer for you:

It is the same designer, but Just Cavalli is the budget range for the people who can’t afford, or wouldn’t spend that much on a Roberto Cavalli which is the more higher end label. [Source: Yahoo! Answers]

We must state that we are more of a Just Cavalli kind of people here at Famewatcher especially when it comes to underwear. We’d rather buy more pieces of budget underwear so our man can change his undies everyday. What about you?

Anyhoo, let’s check out some Just Cavalli men’s underwear, shall we? Here’s American male model Jordan Paris modeling the latest briefs and boxer briefs underwear from the lookbook for the Just Cavalli Spring/Summer 2015 Underwear/Loungewear Collection.


An underwear photoshoot should always, ALWAYS, take a photo from the back!


That’s a pair of sexy briefs for shuh!


Okay, let’s now check out some Roberto Cavalli mens underwear. Here’s Canadian male model and actor Nick Bateman ruling the runway in his Roberto Cavalli boxer briefs.

roberto cavalli male underwear models - nick bateman

Let’s take a closer look at our imaginary Canadian boyfriend. Did you know that he played a recurring role in The Originals? [Update: Oops, he did not star in The Originals on CW which is about vampires and stuff. He starred in a Canadian comedy series called Original which is apparently about how un-original it is. or something like that anyway.]

roberto cavalli male underwear models - nick bateman2

Some male models during a Roberto Cavalli runway show. Look, white briefs! Yay!



Let’s end this post with Brazilian male model Miro Moreira in his Roberto Cavalli underwear.


That’s it for now UnderwearWatchers!