Robbie Amell Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Robbie Amell Shirtless, Underwear, and Wedding Photos (posted 1 April 2017). We are updating this post in 2017 to bring you more Robbie Amell shirtless and underwear photos. Oh, he also tied the knot with Italia Ricci last October 2016. Here are some of the Robbie and Italia wedding photos.

robbie amell girlfriend italia ricci

Awwww. This wedding photos makes us fall in love with love.

robbie amell italia ricci wedding

And here is the Robbie Amell shirtless and underwear photo you want. Apparently, it is from a movie called The Duff where our Robbie plays a high school football jock.

robbie amell underwear boxer briefs the duff

Did you know that our Robbie used to be an underwear model? The above Robbie Amell shirtless is our favoritest of them all. For the record, he is also our favorite Amell although his cousin — Stephen Amell Underwear Photos — is pretty cool too.

Robbie Amell Shirtless Hunk and Underwear Jock. Ugh! Don’t you just hate the powers that be on NBC? We are starting to enjoy watching 1600 Penn and then they go ahead and cancel it. Silly, silly NBC people. The reason you’re in the bottom of the ratings could be traced to the fact that you’re soooo cancel-happy!

robbie amell shirtless

Anyhoo, we must admit that the main draw of 1600 Penn for us shallow Famewatchers is the gorgeous shirtlessness of one of its recurring recurring character, the dumb jock D.B. played by Canadian hottie Robbie Amell. The first time he appeared on our TV screen we’re like, “Damn! The boy’s hot!” And then we’re like, “We don’t know this guy but he looks kinda familiar! Who’s he?”

Turns out that he looks familiar because he is the cousin of Deena’s TV boyfriend, Stephen Amell, the gorgeous hunk who made it to the TV A-List when his star turn on CW’s Arrow became a ratings hit. Now, although 1600 Penn was cancelled, we’re happy to note that he’s been cast as one of the lead stars of The Tomorrow People, a sci-fi drama which will air on The CW.

More about the show and Robbie’s role  from TV Line: “The superhero drama, adapted from the 1970s UK series, follows several young people from around the world who represent the next stage in human evolution…Amell will play a character (coincidentally) named Stephen, a tormented young man who longs to be normal and is relieved when he learns that he’s not crazy, but rather part of a group of genetically superior Tomorrow People.”

Yay! We’re happy for Robbie and hope that this show will be as big a hit as Arrow.

HOW TALL IS ROBBIE? He is 6′ 2″ (1.88 m) tall according to his IMDB profile which also tells us that he’s born 21 April 1988 and goes by the nicknames “Hollywood” and “Picky”.

IS ROBBIE AMELL GAY OR STRAIGHT? He is most likely straight but the denizens of thinks otherwise. Here’s his gaydar rating on said site:According to 76 visitors Robbie Amell is 72% gay. The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Robbie Amell has been voted highly gay.”

ROBBIE DATING STATUS? He was spotted last month holding hands with Italia Ricci so it’s safe to assume that they are an item. Ricci is an actress who also hails from Canada.

robbie amell girlfriend italia ricci

Robbie Amell Underwear. This section is for those of you wondering whether he wears boxers or briefs.

robbie amell underwear boxer briefs

Robbie wore a pair of red boxer briefs in the ABC Family TV movie, Picture This. However our friend Deena insists that he’s not wearing boxer briefs but a pair of squarecut swimsuit. What do you think?

robbie amell speedo

Robbie Amell Shirtless Photos. Still photos of our Robbie from the ABC soap opera, Revenge.

robbie amell shirtless


robbie amell sexy hunk

The 25 year old Canadian hunk also took off his shirt in 1600 Penn.

robbie amell shirtless in boxer briefs underwear

He also went topless in the Cartoon Network’s TV movie Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster.

robbie amell shirtless scooby doo

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