Rita Baga Boyfriend, Boy Look Out of Drag, and Real Name

Rita Baga Boyfriend, Boy Look Out of Drag, and Real Name. Anyone of you watched the premiere of Canada’s Drag Race? It’s a really good addition to RuPaul’s franchise. Granted it’s a bit of a challenge finding ways to watch it — it’s not on Netflix for instance — but you can check it out on Wow Presents.

It’s still early days in the show but Montreal queen Rita Baga is emerging as the one to beat in the competition. Will she be able to sustain her early success? Will she snatch the crown and bring it home to Quebec? If she continues to perform as good as she did in the first episode, she’d be a very deserving winner. But, as we said, it’s still early days and who knows what the upcoming installments of the show will bring.

rita baga drag queen look

Rita Baga Real Name and Boy Look. For those of you wondering, Rita’s given or non-drag name is Jean-Francois Guevremont. Now, what’s the origin of her drag name? Is she related to the RPDR-UK’s Baga Chipz? Nah. We think that’s unlikely but we are not 100% sure if they are related. We also don’t know how she came up with her drag name but we will update this post in the future once we do have the info.

In the meantime, here are some photos of Rita Baga out of drag which we grabbed from her non-drag Facebook page:

rita baga out of drag

rita baga boy look

Rita Baga Boyfriend? Rita is dating boyfriend Yannick Brouillette who currently works as the CEO/Director General of Village Montreal. Here are pics of the love birds which we grabbed from their social media accounts (follow Rita Baga on Instagram @ritabagaz and Yannick @yannick_brewyet).

rita baga boyfriend yannick brouillette

They sure look good together, don’t they?

rita baga boyfriend yannick brouillette2

Want more photos of Rita Baga in drag? Of course you do!

rita baga drag queen as adele

rita baga canadas drag race - first live tv interview august 2018

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