Rick Owens Leather Jacket: Celebrity Fashion Style

Rick Owens Leather Jacket For Men and Women: Celebrity Edition. Millionaire-rapper Jay Z was spotted wearing a fabulous Rick Owens leather jacket from the Rick Owens Spring Summer collection. The jacket is reportedly made of calf-skin leather and features a turtleneck collar, four front pockets, and a zip closure.

rick owens leather jacket jay z

How much does this jacket cost? According to upscalehype.com, it’s worth US$2,870 which Jay Z can afford to pay without batting an eyelash coz, after all, according to wikipedia his net worth in 2010 adds up to something like US$ 450 million.

celebrities wearing rick owens leather jacket

A closer look at Jay Z’s leather jacket by Rick Owens.

jayz rick owens leather jacket

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Celebrities Who Wear Rick Owens Leather Jacket
01 August 2011

Of course Beyonce’s husband isn’t the only famous celebrity who wears Rick Owens Leather Jacket. The brand is apparently a hit among other dwellers of Hollywoodlandia such as controversial (but, we gotta admit, talented) singer Kanye West who’s seen here wearing a black Rick Owens leather. [That dude beside him wearing a Ralph Lauren vest, for those of you who are wondering, is American singer/producer Pharrell Williams.

kanye west rick owens leather jacket

Alexander Skarsgard (or, at least, the character he plays in True Blood, Eric Northman) loves him his Rick Owens too. Here’s the Swedish hunk seen wearing a Rick Owens DRKSHDW Leather Sleeve Denim Jacket.

celebrities wearing rick owens leather jacket alexander skarsgard

Some famous female celebrities are fans of the brand too. For instance, check out the gorgeous Jessica Alba in her Rick Owens Blister Leather Biker Jacket. We love her leather jacket but we also love the fact that she’s pumping her own gas. Good for ya, Jessica!

rick owens leather jacket on jessica alba

Meanwhile, here’s another beautiful gal snapped wearing a Rick Owens Blister Leather Biker Jacket: Oscar-nominated British actress Keira Knightley.

keira knightley rick owens leather jacket

Last but not the least, here’s Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron traveling in her Rick Owens Fitted Leather Jacket.

celebrity rick owens leather jacket charlize theron

Who of these famous celebrities rocks his/her Rick Owens Leather Jacket the best?

Rick Owens Leather Jacket For Men and Women: Celebrity Edition first posted 1 January 2011. Last update on 4 April 2017.