Dr Mike Varshavski Shirtless, Underwear Tips, Girlfriend

Dr Mike Varshavski Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. We never thought scrubs could be hot AF because they always look dowdy on people but, boy, are we wrong when we saw Doctor Mike wearing his medical scrubs.

We were like, “Wow! He is so damn s*xy in that outfit.”

Then we pondered on whether his physical gorgeousness is such that it overcomes the natural unfashionableness of his scrubs uniform or maybe there is something special about his outfit. Looking closer, we realized that his clothes are actually tailored to be form-fitting such that it hugs his sculpted physique and emphasizes his masculinity.

Dr Mike Varshavski gay or straight

So, that’s the trick, fellow Famewatchers! Now, if you are a doctor reading this and you want to look like a male model, junk your regular scrubs and have someone tailor your outfits for you.

Dr Mike Varshavski hot in scrubs

Actually, having clothes especially tailored for you to fit your body and highlight your assets is true not only when it comes to uniforms but for practically everything you wear. It is especially important when it comes to a suit and, in this department, Doctor Mike knows what he is doing too because damn does he look shaggable AF in the photo below.

Dr Mike Varshavski hot in suit and tie

Doctor Mike Shirtless and Underwear Photos. There’s not a lot of shirtless photos of the good doctor out there but the ones that are there should be enough to quench the thirstiness of the THOTs among us here on Famewatcher. Hehe.

Dr Mike Varshavski shirtless body

Anyhoo, we grabbed these photos from the doctor’s Instagram account which you might want to follow @doctor.mike.

Dr Mike Varshavski shirtless hunk

Want more hot male doctors?

Dr Mike Varshavski shirtless

Dr Mike Varshavski body abs

Dr Mike Varshavski boyfriend

Question for those of you in the know? Is the guy below with a peekabo underwear Doctor Mike himself? Or is he a lookalike? He’s identified as the doctor on Pinterest but you never know with the internets. Anyhoo, he does look like him, no?

Dr Mike Varshavski underwear and shirtless body

Dr Mike Varshavski body workout

Oh, by the by, we haven’t found any photo of the doctor in his underwear, other than the peekabo photo above and the one where he’s wearing tank top (which could be considered underwear), but we did find this video of Doctor Mike giving underwear tips and such.

Dr. Mike Varshavski Gay or Straight? Relationship Status? He is straight. We do not know if he is seeing anyone at the moment but he reportedly dating Miss Universe Pia Wurzbach. Here’s the two going on a helicopter ride in New York City.

Dr Mike Varshavski girlfriend pia wurzbach

That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers! Who’s better looking in the pic below, Doctor Mike or his husky?

Dr Mike Varshavski hot with a husky

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