Underwear as Outerwear: Mens Boxer Briefs by Hilfiger x Nadal

Underwear as Outerwear: Mens Boxer Briefs by Hilfiger x Nadal. Who says you can’t play tennis in your underwear?

Well, definitely not tennis superstar Rafael Nadal and American designer Tommy Hilfiger who organized a strip tennis match where models ended up bashing balls and doing that serve and volley thing in nothing but their boxer briefs underwear.

Now, the event actually happened five years ago so this is what you’d call delayed information but, for us here on Famewatcher, there’s no such thing as delayed or passe information when it comes to hunks in their underwear. Hehe.

Anyhoo, let us check out the male models in their underwear as outerwear from said event, shall we? First up, Russian male model Arthur Kulkov who, from the looks of it, is trying to bring back the glory days of tennis headbands.

underwear as outerwear - tennis tommy hilfiger arthur kulkov

Are you ready to serve, Mr. Kulkov?

underwear as outerwear for men - tommy hilfiger arthur kulkov2

Next in our list of Tommy Hilfiger men’s underwear as outerwear models is Turkish American hunk Akin Akman.

underwear as outerwear - akin akman tommy hilfiger2

We must say that Akin’s photo below, which we came across while browsing the internets, which made us aware of this Hilfiger x Nadal event.

underwear as outerwear - tennis hunks - akin akman tommy hilfiger

Who says you can’t wear two pairs of underwear at the same time? Obviously not our Akin.

underwear as outerwear - akin akman tommy hilfiger3

The third hunky model who played tennis in his Hilfigers is Canadian supermodel Noah Mills.

underwear as outerwear male tennis players - tommy hilfiger noah mills

At the ripe old age of 37, Noah continues to grace magazine covers, headline ad campaigns, and rule the runway so he deserves a lot of respect for beating father time. Just for the record, we are not saying he is old old. But Noah, is most certainly an oldster in a youth-focused industry like modeling.

underwear as outerwear in tennis - tommy hilfiger noah mills2

As we close this post, we should remind you that the underwear police may not take kindly to people playing tennis in their underwear. In fact, we advice you against it. Sure you can do so in the privacy of your home but you should never ever use underwear as outerwear when you are bashing balls in a public place.

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