Red Pants for Girls: Agyness Deyn, Demi Moore, Ellen Pompeo

Red Pants for Girls. Girls wearing red pants is kinda cool. It’s a fashion style for those who’d want to go for the Santa Claus look without overdoing it. So fashionistas, how about following Agyness Deyn’s example by dressing up in a really red pants and pairing it with a really red shoes? You’ll be bringing the holiday cheer to whoever you’re going to meet. Ho Ho Ho.

red pants for girls - agyness deyn

If you want to look super cool, top your red jeans and red shoes combo with either a fur coat (as above) or a leather jacket (as below).

red pants for girls - agyness red pants and black leather

What if you’re a dude and would like to wear red pants too? No problem, watch out for our upcoming post about that. It’s going to be about your favorite male celebrities in red jeans.

UPDATE: More Red Pants for Girls!

Other female celebrities who apparently also love them their red pants include the ageless beauty that is Demi Moore.

And Greys Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo.

Finally, if you want more red pants for girls go check out our post on Female Celebrities in Red Pants?


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