Randy Wayne Underwear, Shirtless & Muscle Shirts – Photos

Randy Wayne Underwear, Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend? Who’s the headless guy with bulging muscles and all? That muscled guy, fellow Famewatchers, is our boyfriend. Jealous? Okay, he’s not really our boyfriend. Actually, he is a 31 year old American actor named Randy Wayne.

randy wayne bulging muscles

With a body like this, he should be made to either go shirtless all the time (a-la Matthew McConaughey) or to wear athletic muscle shirts or tank tops. You know, like the one he’s wearing below in the movie, Grizzly Park.


Yum! He looks so delectable in them white muscle shirt. He also wears an athletic shirt in this scene from the movie, Honey 2, where he dances with Kat Graham.

randy wayne tank top honey 2

Is he also dancing in the next pic below? He sure has got the moves. And, of course, a muscle shirt or wifebeaters as our Brit friends call it.

randy wayne dancing

Yay, a selfie! Ain’t he boyishly cute in that Run Devil Run shirt he’s wearing.

randy wayne athletic shirt2

But enough with tank tops, let’s have some photos of our hunky actor totally shirtless. You know, like this one from Da Man Magazine.

randy wayne da man magazine

Or this still photo from The Dukes of Hazard TV movie.

randy wayne shirtless - duke of hazzard

Or this shirtless pics he shared to his Facebook followers with the following caption: “The orange make up tan for the commercial after they were finished. Out. Of. Control.”

randy wayne shirtless

Our favorite shirtless photo of Randy would be the one below, taken when he was younger. How effin gorgeous is he?

randy wayne hot guy no shirt

Now, let’s move on to this Randy Wayne underwear photo. He wears a pair of blue briefs from the 2008 gay indie movie, Dream Boy, where he rapes a guy and beats him to death. Ugh!

randy wayne underwear - briefs in dreamboy

In real life Randy Wayne is neither gay nor a gay basher. Asked by a fan whether he is gay or straight, here’s what he said in reply: “I guess they call it “straight but not narrow” (minded). I’m for equal rights.”

Good for you, Mr. Wayne.

For those of you wondering, he is dating actress Sarah Karges according to alloyentertainment.com.

randy wayne girlfriend is sarah karges

What a lovely couple! Want more men’s tank top shirts?