Sean Bean Underwear, Shirtless Photos, and Gay Roles

Sean Bean Underwear, Shirtless Photos, and Gay Roles. Whoa! Is that British actor Sean Bean? Yay! What is he doing posing in his boxers underwear? We ask not because we think he should not be doing it but because we genuinely want to know. Did he start his career as a model, hence these photos, before he moved to acting and made it big as an actor?

Sean Bean underwear - young then - photoshoot

If you know the backstory, do tell in the comments :-)

sean bean showing underwear

He’s looking good in his white boxer shorts. Must have been taken in his 20s or early 30s, no?

sean bean boxers or briefs underwear

Are we the only ones who bawled our eyes out when Sean Bean as Boromir was killed in the first Lord of the Rings movie? We cried for hours after watching the movie and we still tear up every time we re-watch the film on DVD. Oh, by the way, LOTR is also the first time we saw Sean Bean on the big screen. He’s apparently been acting since forever (note 1986) but LOTR is probably his first work that found a global audience.

According to wikipedia, his first film is Caravaggio which is about the life of Italian painter painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. The movie tells us that the master likes him some young guys and got street fighter Ranuccio (played by Sean Bean) to model for him and, possibly, be his young lover.

sean bean shirtless in Caravaggio

Does Sean look like Blake Shelton in the pic above? Check out Blake’s photos on our post about Blake Shelton’s Dude Kissing Photos.

Speaking of dudes kissing, here’s some kissing scenes between Ranuccio (Sean) and Jerusaleme (Spencer Leigh) from the movie Caravaggio.

sean bean gay kiss with Spencer Leigh in caravaggio

Take two.

sean bean kissing spencer leigh

Sean played another LGBT role in 2012 when he was cast as the transvestite, Tracie, for the BBC One series Accused. Check him out as Tracie.

sean bean transvestite tracie accused

Sean (as Tracie) with Stephen Graham (as Tony). The two ended up in a relationship but …. well, we don’t like to spoil you.

sean bean - tracie with stephen graham in accused

Anyhoo, we’re happy to note that Sean received his first ever solo acting award for playing Tracie. He bagged the Royal Television Society Best Actor award for 2012 and is nominated for the BAFTA (British Academy Television Award). Let’s hope he bags the trophy for this one. Go, Sean! We are rooting for ya!

sean bean king in mirror mirror

Sean Bean as The King in the 2012 movie, Mirror Mirror.

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