Mens Tank Tops: Hot Male Models and Celebrities in Athletic Shirts

Mens Tank Tops: Hot Male Models and Celebrities in Athletic Shirts. Want to ogle at men in athletic shirts or tank tops? We’ve already done a lot of posting about this menswear but here’s a list of male celebrities who look great in tank tops. Let’s start with New Zealand rugby player and Jockey underwear model Dan Carter aka Our Kiwi Imaginary Boyfriend.

mens tank tops

2. American male model Brian Buzzini is so asking us to undress him with our eyes. Hehe. Is it really possible to undress someone with your eyes only?

mens tank tops brian buzzini

3. Stage and television actor Bailey Chase star of television hits like Ugly Betty, As the World Turns, Saving Grace, and Damages.

mens tank tops bailey chase

4. Star Trek stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Related: Is Zachary Quinto Gay? Update: Yes he is gay. He recently came out of the closet.

celebrity mens tank tops

5. One of our favorite footballers, Frank Lampard also known as John Terry’s BFF. How close are these two star footballers? Very close, that’s why we have to do a single entry on their underwear. Hehe. [See Frank Lampard and John Terry Underwear]

mens tank tops football

6. Quarterback Tim Tebow. He may be annoying with all his on-court evangelizing but we gotta give him props for looking good in his athletic shirts.

mens tank tops nfl

7. Australian male model Kieran Lahey. If you’ve got bulging biceps like that, it is a sin if you hide them behind sleeved shirts. So Kieran is doing the right thing by wearing a tank top.

mens tank tops kieran lahey

8. Adult actor Jarrett Rex also known as Kekoa Nalu from ABC’s Conveyor Belt of Love reality show.

mens tank tops kekoa nalu

9. Male model Joshua Delos. This New Yorker’s gifted with pouty lips that’s waiting for a-kissing.

10. Model Simon Dexter who looks badass in his Harley Davidson.

mens tank tops simon dexter

Who wore his tank top or athletic shirt the best?

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