Pradhyuman Maloo Shirtless: Indian Matchmaking Hunk

Pradhyuman Maloo Shirtless: Indian Matchmaking Hunk. Please tell us we are not the only ones who saw Pradhyuman on the Netfix show, Indian Matchmaking, and went, “Wow. He’s a tall drink of water.”

Well, he can be annoying and snobby — our heart broke for the girl from another town who asked him whether he will reciprocate her visit and he simply said no — but he’s got a winsome, charming, and boyish quality to him that makes us want to reach out through the screen, pinch his cheeks, and tell him to be less finicky.

pradhyuman gay indian matchmaking - cute and handsome

Now, when the show mentioned that he met and rejected about 150 women, we went like, “Hmmm. Maybe he’s really not into the ladies.” You know, maybe he’s more into dating Steve rather than Eve.

Turns out we’re not the only ones whose minds went down that route because eventually the guy himself clarified on Instagram that he is neither gay nor bi. He also added that he did not actually meet and rejected 150 women but that he was sent the bio-data of said women which, to us, is a fair and clear distinction.

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Anyhoo, here’s what our Indian hunk wrote on his Insta (which you might want to follow @pradhyum.m):

Have I rejected 150 proposals in reality? It’s been misunderstood. Match makers send you several biodata (not proposals) to go through to find the suitable individual and figure who seems the right preference. It’s only the first stage, followed by verification, preferences, intentions, telephonic conversations and finally a meeting. I have met only a couple of them out of these biodata.

Think about it when you are swiping left or right in dating apps are you rejecting or it’s just not your preference? Just like everyone else I am also looking for a beautiful life, full of growth and experiences with my partner, with whom I can be mentally aligned and I am taking my time because it’s for life and don’t want to rush into it.

And for those of you who are curious – I am not gay nor bisexual.

pradhyuman maloo gay or straight - indian matchmaking hunk

The show ended without clarifying whether Pradhyuman and Rushali, the beautiful model he went horse-riding with, ever became a couple. Turns out they did not. From Pradhyuman’s Insta post:

What happened with Rushali post the horse ride? We did keep in touch however long distance didn’t allow us to explore our individual sides and communicate organically plus we were in different stages in our life so we decided to move on and yes we are still friends :)

Awww. We are sad things didn’t work out but that’s the way life works. Anyhoo, we hope this cutie eventually finds his lady love.

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