Peter Hermann Shirtless Hollywood Zaddy Hunk of the Day

Peter Hermann Shirtless Hollywood Zaddy Hunk of the Day. Fellow Famewatchers, here’s a suggestion: If you and your beloved are playing in bed and they ask, “Who’s your daddy? Who’s your daddy?”, the answer should be — and should always be — “Peter Hermann is my daddy!!!”

Hehe. What say you? You agree right? Anyhoo, Peter sure is a zaddy daddy, ain’t he? In fact, we think he is the zaddiest actor in Hollywood these days. Everytime he appears on the dramedy Younger, we are like, “Woof, woof! Hubba, hubba!”

peter hermann hot daddy

Come on, don’t tell us you didn’t say, “Hubba! Hubba!” when you saw this?

peter hermann shirtless hollywood daddy

Peter Hermann Underwear? Unfortunately for the fans of male celebrity underwear, these are the only ones we found of our Hollywood zaddy. Hehe.

peter hermann underwear in younger

peter hermann underwear peekabo

Peter Hermann Gay or Straight? He is straight and is very much married to actress Mariska Hargitay. Here are photos from their wedding in August 2004.

peter hermann wedding Mariska Hargatay

Awww. How cute are these two lovebirds? Peter and Mariska are now the proud parents of three children.

peter hermann wedding Mariska Hargitay2

Now, Peter may be straight in real life but he did play in LGBT character in the sad and touching movie Philomena. In said film, he played Peter Olsson who was married to the long lost son that Judi Dench’s character has been looking for.

peter hermann gay in philomena

Peter Hermann Children’s Books Author. Hey, did you know that our zaddy, aside from being an established actor, is a published writer too? He wrote a children’s book called If the S in Moose Comes Loose which has gotten very positive reviews (it’s got a five star score on Amazon, for instance).

peter hermann writer if the s in moose comes loose

Peter Hermann as a Young Hunk. Some photos of Peter when he was younger.

peter hermann young - autographed photo

Would you agree with our friend Deena who says that Peter is that kind of guy who looks older when they are young but then kinda retain their look while they advance in years? Looking at the photo below taken in 2000 when he first made his appearance in Law and Order (as the guest character Al Goran), we gotta say that Deena kinda has a point.

peter hermann young 2000 - as al goran in law and order

peter hermann young

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