Hot Argentine Men: Lionel Messi and Narciso Male Underwear Models

Hot Argentine Men. Looking for Argentine hunks in their underwear? Well, check out these male models from Argentina wearing an undies brand called Narciso Underwear. How would you compare this brand with another international men’s underwear we blogged about earlier, that is, the Swiss men’s underwear brand called Diego Barberi.

hot argentine men5

Here’s another one:


It would be a cool hobby to collect underwear from different parts of the world, no? Now, since we are talking about Argentinian guys in their undies, check out Argentine famous footballer Lionel Messi modeling another local brand, Lody Underwear. Behold Lionel, in his boxers and briefs glory.

hot argentine men lionel messi lody underwear3

Because he is currently the best (or maybe one of the best) footballers in the world, we have no choice but give the top spot to Lionel in our list of hot Argentine men.

lionel messi for lody underwear4

Anyhoo, we think Lionel has the goods (and the body) to be an underwear model. The underwear themselves (whether the boxers, the briefs, or boxer briefs) are pretty interesting too. But these photographs are not doing justice to Mr. Messi. The pics are just boring compared to Beckham’s Armani underwear campaign, or Fredrik Ljungberg in Calvin Kleins, or Dan Carter and his Jockey underwear. What a missed opportunity to showcase Lionel’s assets. Lody underwear should fire its photographer and hire a more creative one next time around.

Our next entry to this list of hot Argentine men is adult actor Marco Blaze. The cutie is a chameleon. For instance, here’s Marco as a sailor guy.

hot argentine men - marco blaze

Famewatcher to Marco: Be careful of them Somali pirates, they might hijack your ship and rip them sailor uniform off you. Well, they ain’t the only ones who’d do that. Our friend Kevin would gladly rip your uniform too. Now, whether as a sailor or as a farm boy in coveralls, there is no question that this adult actor/model sizzles.

guys in overalls - marco blaze3

Meantime, here’s our Marco dressed as a yuppie angel. By yuppie angel, we mean he’s going for that tie look and he got him some wings to go with him. With a beautiful handsome face like that, it’s no surprised they dressed him up as an angel. His fashion consultant deserves some props for making an angel out of our Marco.

marco blaze is a hot argentine man

Now, whoever thought of dressing our Argentinian hunk as a doctor who’s, like, ready to check his patient’s heartbeat also deserves props. Oh Marco, there is no doubt that our heart is beating for you and no one else.

hot argentine men marco blaze as a shirtless doctor

So what do you think of our picks for hot Argentine men? Maybe you have some suggestions on who should be included in a future update? If you do, please name them in the comments.

Hot Argentine Men: Lionel Messi, Marco Blaze, Underwear Models. Posted 1 July 2016. Last updated: April 24, 2020 at 4:06 am.