Paul Walker Shirtless, Washboard Abs, Underwear Photos

Paul Walker Shirtless, Washboard Abs, Underwear Photos. Paul Walker’s got a box office hit in his latest movie, Fast and Furious, and he’s got sexy washboard abs too. Well, we know that already, don’t we? Who says only Vin Diesel’s got the muscles in Hollywood?

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Anyways, Paul and Vin are reportedly shooting a fifth Fast and Furious movie.

From MSNBC: “Paul Walker and Vin Diesel will return for a fifth Fast & Furious film, Walker told 104.3MYfm’s Valentine In The Morning on Friday. ‘This was supposed to be it — but without question, Vin and I will be coming back, we’re making the fifth one and we’re going to Brazil,’ he said.”



Paul Walker Shirtless at the Beach
05 February 2009

paul walker shirtless hunk

Meow, meow. Oops, did we just double meow Paul Walker? We’re just wondering if he shaves his body because you can’t have facial hair like that and have a hairless body like a twink.

paul walker shirtless hunk2

And we’re guessing that he shaves it all the way down there, eh?

paul walker shirtless body

Want more shirtless Hollywood guys?

Update: Paul Walker Underwear
25 June 2011

Some of you are wondering whether Paul wears boxers or briefs underwear and the answer to that question is, “How the heck, do we know?” Haha. But we think he prefers boxers because when you search for “Paul Walker underwear” in Google Image, this ad for Armani Exchange turns up. Hehehe. Please don’t ask us why. Just imagine that the guy is our Paul, okay?

And this one also turns up. It’s a fan-generated image of our American hunk as Flash Gordon. Pretty cool, huh!

Five Things You Should Know About Paul Walker

Now, since we are updating this post, we might as well do our “things you should know about a celebrity” so here are some things you should know about our Paul Walker.

1. Paul Walker is a Fourth. By that, we mean that he’s Paul Walker the Fourth or Paul Walker IV. His father is Paul Walker III. His grandfather is Paul Walker Jr. And his great-grandfather is the original Paul Walker.

2. Paul began his career in the entertainment field as a Pampers diaper model. It’s not what you are thinking, silly! He starred in a Pampers commercial back in 1975 when he was merely two years old. Our friend Deena says that if ever Paul retires as an actor, it would be fitting if he does a commercial for adult diapers. Hehe. Watchu think?

3. How tall is Paul? Paul Walker’s height is listed as 6′ 1¼” (1.86 m) in his IMDB page.

4. He is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner.

5. His box-office total to date amounts to $1,030,234,479 (domestic only). Most of this is from the blockbuster franchise, Fast and Furious, where he’s one of the stars.

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