Parker Sawyers Shirtless: Gay or Straight? Girlfriend, Wife, Family?

Parker Sawyers Shirtless Photos. If there is a movie we won’t mind going to see in the theater (we’re mostly keeping our movie/TV watching on Netflix these days), it would be the upcoming movie South Side With You which is about the first date between Barack and Michelle Obama.

parker sawyers as barack obama

We’re gonna drag our fat butts off the couch to watch it in the theater because a) we love the Obamas, b) the movie is getting very good reviews and currently has an 88% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and c) we’d like to see more of this guy:

parker sawyers hot

The guy’s name is Parker Sawyers. He is playing the President and is getting really good reviews for his performance. We expect his star to rise in the coming years. Check him out in an upcoming NBC TV series called Miranda’s Rights where he is cast as a lawyer.

Wanna see some Parker Sawyers shirtless photos? Of course you do. Thank us in the comments. Hehe.

parker sawyers shirtless body - southside with you

We grabbed the next Parker Sawyers shirtless photos from his Instagram account (follow him @parkersawyers).

parker sawyers shirtless hot abs2

He does look like Obama in the next pic below, no?

parker sawyers shirtless

Is Parker Sawyers gay or straight? He is straight. And married to Edita Ubartaite who, according to the New York Times, works with the U.K. Trade & Investment department. As you can see in the photo below, the couple are raising a family together.

parker sawyers wife and kids - family2

What a beautiful family!

In an interview with collider, Parker Sawyers talks about the movie which is sure to make him a bigger star than he is now:

Collider: A lot of people aren’t going to know that much about the film but they’ve maybe heard some rumblings. So, what do you want to tell people about the film?

Parker Sawyers: I suppose if I wasn’t in it, I would want to know that it’s just a universal love story. That it’s apolitical, that’s it’s about two highly intelligent people getting to know one another, and even to move away from the love story, you can see how they develop a friendship over 8, 9 hours together, in real time, you know? They really develop a friendship, they learn a lot about each other, they challenge each other to accept the challenges and move with them to better themselves. It’s indicative of people today, like, “Wow, I should listen to that, I do care about that, yes, I’ll move on and we can move on together.” So to me, it’s a universal love story and a universal friendship story. Regardless of race or political or background or whatever. That’s kind of up to Rich[ard Tanne]. He made the hell out of it, it’s a good story.

And what’s his reaction if the President gets to watch South Side With You? Here’s what Parker told the New York Times:

I’d probably just stare at him and wait for him to speak. I’d honestly be honored for him to see anything I’ve done, let alone me playing him.

Parker Sawyers is currently based in London but he grew up in Indianapolis. So Famewatchers who are also Obama fans, are you looking forward to watching this movie? It’s an indie film but given the subject, we are hoping that it will get a wide release.

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