Owais Khan Shirtless: Desi Rascals – Sky Living Model Hunk

Owais Khan Shirtless and Underwear Photos Update. Five years later, we are updating this post to bring you more shirtless photos of our imaginary boyfriend on Desi Rascals which, unfortunately, was cancelled after only two seasons. Oh well, at least the show introduced us to the gorgeousness of Owais. Yay!

owais khan underwear - white briefs

Damn, does he have one of the world’s best washboard abs or what?

owais khan body - desi rascals reality star

owais khan shirtless abs

Owais Khan Shirtless: Desi Rascals – Sky Living Model Hunk (3 February 2015). Oh my! Fellow Famewatchers, we’ve got ourselves a trash-talking and handsome Desi rascal to ogle at. His name is Owais Khan. He looks good shirtless. He’s got one of best washboard abs in the world according to our friend Deena. He’s going to star in the newest reality show, Desi Rascals. And, according to the Daily Mail, he’s just thrown shade against Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews.

Owais Khan shirtless - desi rascals

What a hot Owais Khan shirtless photo! Yay! Yay! Yay! Ahyhoo, here’s what Owais is saying about Spencer (via Daily Mail): “There’s no competition. I’ve got an extra foot in height and a few more abs than him.”

Ouch! For those of you wondering, Spencer’s height is reportedly 5ft 9in. Does this mean that Owais stands at a towering 6ft 9in? Speaking as average height ladies, we here at Famewatcher would rather partner with men of average height like Spencer than a towering guy like Owais (if he’s really 6ft 9inches). Anyhoo, here are more things about Owais from his sky.com profile:

PROFESSION: Property developer/personal trainer/model

CHARACTER: Despite his chiselled good looks and warm nature, life hasn’t always been plain sailing for Owais. At the age of three he developed a stutter, making his school years difficult but also formative. Coming into his own in his 20s, Owais discovered modelling and enjoyed whirlwind years of glamorous travel and wild parties. Now 35, he feels ready to settle down and start a family, he just needs to find ‘the one’ first.

How would you describe yourself? Confident, charming, caring.

You certainly seem a confident chap. I wasn’t always, it took me a while to get here because I had a stutter as a kid. I sort of still do, but now I’m more in control of it rather than it being in control of me.

Was it quite debilitating when you were younger? Yes, I couldn’t string together two words. When I was a teenager, 15 or 16, school was hard – kids are mean. But I thank every person who made fun of me and every girl who rejected me, that’s what made me who I am.

How did you overcome your stutter? I had speech therapy courses. I went on the same course as Gareth Gates but that wasn’t that great for me because I found that a lot of people that have speech problems let it rule their life. I’ve learnt to control it now and, at the end of the day, I’m still healthy and things could be worse. There are certain words I avoid, like if anything starts with the letter W I really struggle. The first time I asked out a girl I was 16, it took me a while to pluck up the courage and I went w-w-w-w-w and she swore at me, a very rude word, and just walked off. But they say all geniuses have speech problems, so I say I’m like Albert Einstein!

What’s the dream? Where would you like to be in five to 10 years’ time? My dream has always been to make my family, particularly my dad, proud of me. I’ve got ambitions in maybe five years to have my own TV show or whatever so my dad can turn around and say that’s my boy.

Which celebrities do you admire? David Beckham is a big influence on me. He’s amazing, from where he was to the way he is now, the way he carries himself. When I have a family I’m going to be like that because you can see he loves his family.

Did you like him during the sarong phase? Yeah, I wore a sarong with trousers out one night. And so many girls said it looked amazing.

Would you consider it a fashion highlight? I do a lot of different things. I hate my hair, I’ve had cornrows, I’ve spiked my hair, I’ve bleached it…

Have you ever shaved your head? Yes and I’ll never shave it again. My head’s flat at the back and I looked really weird.

So what do you think of Owais, fellow Famewatchers? Are you excited to watch him on the boobtube? Let us end this post with this photo of our Desi hunk channeling his hero, underwear model David Beckham. Yaaaayyy!

Owais Khan shirtless underwear - desi rascals

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