Oscar Dos Santos Underwear + Shirtless Photos: Wife Ludimila Emboaba

Move over David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar. You ain’t the only “football player turned underwear model” anymore. Let’s shine the spotlight on Oscar dos Santos Emboaba, the young and talented winger for Chelsea F.C. as well as the Brazilian national team.

Oscar posed for his underwear modeling gig for Calvin Klein and the photos you see here are the fabulous results.

We hope this is not the first time our Oscar does some modeling on the side, no? Who knows, he might be able to build an underwear empire in the future a-la Bjorn Borg. [Wanna check out some Bjorn Borg Male Underwear Models?]

Given his model good looks, there is no doubt that – should he wish to – Oscar can give those male supermodels a run for their money. However, he earns oodles and oodles more as a footballer. He was reportedly paid £25 million to sign with Chelsea, an amount that the biggest male supermodels can only dream about.

Anyhoo, he may be getting the football big bucks but – given his footballing talent and abilities – he is worth the millions down to the last cent. Here’s what football experts have said about Oscar’s ball-kicking skills:

Rodrigo Weber of Internacional (Oscar’s former team): Oscar is a very centred and disciplined character. He knows what he is capable of doing. In Brazil we have lots of players with great technical ability but only some who have the mentality to become a superstar. We could see from the start he was a star player.

Alexandre Alliatti, sports journalist for Globo Esporte: From the first he looked like a leader. He asked for the ball all the time. He looks like a very young guy but he has a lot of maturity.

Roberto Di Matte, Chelsea manager: He’s a talented player. I don’t forget that he’s still only 21. I don’t want to give him all the responsibilities in the world. He is learning the language and getting used to the high tempo of English football. He’s playing for Brazil and all the travelling … we have to be careful.

Does Oscar dos Santos Have a Girlfriend? No he does not but he has a wife named Ludimila. Check them out celebrating Valentine’s Day:

The couple welcomed a baby girl last 05 July. Here’s what Oscar wrote on his Facebook page announcing the birth of his first child: “Yesterday, I was the happiest guy in the world! Welcome, Julia! Daddy loves you!”

How sweet is that? We are happy for Oscar, Ludimila, and Julia!

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